Best of 2015: a metal playlist

I made another metal playlist on Apple Music. While my last playlist was a bit of a magnum opus, this one is isolated to metal contributions from the year 2015. Best of 2015 Skydancer (feat. Jonathan Vigil), by In Hearts Wake Throw Me In The Jungle, by Born of Osiris No Way Out, by Bullet […]

From Mercy to War

I created a Metal playlist on Apple Music. Here’s the playlist description: A collection of some of the best Artists’ songs in metalcore, nu metal, prog metal, Swedish metal, and more Here’s the list itself: The Windswept Mercy, by Soilwork Vengeance, by The Devil Wears Prada Ultraviolet, by Erra Dying Breed, by Deadlock Clandestinity Now, […]

Best Buy customer for life

In my recent Xbox One Elite debacle, I had to go to Best Buy to swap out my bundle. I figured I would pick up an external drive while I was there. I found a G-Drive 1TB 7200 RPM USB 3 & Thunderbolt portable drive for $65.99. When I was checking out, it rang up […]

Xbox One Elite: cool product, questionable support

I recently purchased an Xbox One Elite bundle as I wanted to plunge into a nice, premium controller. My experience with the controller has had mixed emotions. On the one hand, I like the features. Programming the buttons and paddles, adjusting the center LED brightness, saving 2 profiles—it’s all so cool! On the other hand, […]

Getting Right with Wright: A brief synopsis of the first three volumes of Christian Origins and the Question of God

I recently finished Jesus and the Victory of God (JVG), volume 2 in the Christian Origins and the Question of God series by N.T. Wright. Prior to that, I first read volume 3, The Resurrection of the Son of God (RSG), and later volume 1, The New Testament and the People of God (NTPG). Much like this blog post’s title, […]

City 3 – 0 CFC

Well, it has been a long time since I last published a blog post. It has been an even longer time since I last wrote about football. But here I am today with a ton of time on my hands and a myriad of thoughts about the state of affairs for my beloved Chelsea—2 games […]

Psalm 119:153-160

Psalm 119:153-160 all begin with resh (ר). Look at my afflictions and rescue me for I do not forget your laws. Plead my legal cause and redeem me let me live in your word. Salvation is far from the wicked for they do not seek your statutes. Your mercy is great, oh Lord let me […]