Considering “Friendship Evangelism”: Questions

This mini series was originally posted on Facebook as a note.


My buddy, Pat McCoy, posted a quote from “The Way of the Master” concerning something that is called “friendship evangelism.” Here’s the quote:

Friendship evangelism that doesn’t seek a way to quickly tell people about their eternal fate is the ultimate betrayal of trust.

We shared a few comments back and forth. I expressed disagreement that it is not betrayal necessarily. He expressed that it is betrayal for not explicitly telling the friend of his or her eternal destiny.

Pat brings up a good subject that is worth considering.

I have some questions that I would like to publicly display:

  • Is it really betrayal at all for a believing friend not to tell a non-believing friend about life after death?
  • What is the point of evangelism? Is it to tell people about life after death? Or is it to tell people about the present life? Or is it both?
  • What are the means of evangelism? Is there such thing as “friendship evangelism”? Is there a way to evangelize without explicitly communicating with words?
  • What is the biblical support for the activity of evangelism and its means?
  • How did the early church perform evangelism, and what was the point of evangelism in the early church?

If you are not a Christian, but you have an opinion regarding Christian evangelism, I would be interested in hearing what you have to say.

What are your thoughts? My own position will be revealed soon.

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