The Day I X’d Comcast: Hopping on over to Dish Network

Comcast, namely Xfinity and its Xfinity TV, sucks. It is expensive, and I don’t even get what I want out of my entertainment through its services.

Today, I have ended my consumer relationship with Comcast for it’s TV services and started a new one with Dish Network.

Here’s why:

The Hopper with Sling is an awesome experience. It boasts 2TB storage space, contra. the Xfinity X1 with a maximum 500GB. It also boasts the automatic commercial skipper (for select shows, and only after 11pm the day the show airs), also contra. the X1, whichhas nothing like it. The Hopper can record 6 shows simultaneously whilst the X1 can only record up to 4. Plus, the Hopper can sling contents to an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to watch recordings on the go. The X1 doesn’t exactly have that ability.

But the Hopper with Sling is not the only reason to leave Comcast. I have bemoaned on multiple occasions how unsatisfied I am with Xfinity Sports’ HD coverage for soccer, namely with beINSport. Furthermore, for whatever reason, Comcast cannot come to an agreement with beINSport to permit their customers to participate in beINSport Play, which adds the ability to watch more soccer games online than are aired on their channel. Dish not only offers beINSport in HD, but it also offers Play.

And for close to the same cost as my Xfinity Triple Play that merely provides a TV digital starter bundle with additional sports package, which does not include Fox Sports 2, I will get all of the sports channels that I desire plus a ton of channels for my wife and son that we don’t already have through Comcast. That’s right: for our tastes, Dish provides more channels for less money.

To make it work, I am canceling my Triple Play and retaining only the broadband Internet connection. I will no longer have a home phone. I do have a cell phone, so I have given up a home phone number. But this is an AT&T cell phone, and as I do have a MyCell, I can add on unlimited MyCell minutes for less than the cost of my home phone. Not only will I have the same end goal–a working phone number with unlimited minutes at home–but I will cut out all of the pesky, irritating telemarketers.

All things considered, it’s a no-brainer: Dish is superior. Good luck, Comcast!

[EDIT] So, I see that Dish doesn’t show “HD” for beINSport. However, the feed is definitely HD; I wonder if Dish doesn’t mark it as HD because they aren’t using an SD broadcast at all. Either way, the video quality of the broadcast of beINSport on Dish is superior to Comcast’s. [/EDIT]


Comcast (@XFINITY @XFINITY_TV @XFINITYSports) and BeIn Sport (@beINSPORTUSA): A new year, but same old controversy

Check out my previous posts on this subject here.

Here’s my current inquiry:

The issue I have is two-fold:

  1. BeIn Sport is now 1 year old, and Comcast still is not offering it in HD.
  2. BeIn Sport offers for additional streaming of games not aired on TV, but Comcast isn’t a supported provider yet.

The controversy remains the same: as big as Comcast is, why haven’t they worked diligently to take care of their customers and provide them with the services they are demanding?

Feel free to chime in at the Comcast forums:

Don’t be afraid to tweet Comcast relentlessly:

Real Madrid 0-1 Sevilla

Tenth place. We are in 10th place. When Chelsea found themselves last season in the middle of the table, they didn’t finish top 4 narrowly making Champions League by winning the cup. When Inter found themselves mid table they too did not finish top 3 and had to go into Europa Cup Playoffs. Madridistas, this is not good.

Yes, the season is long and hard, but, frankly, we have created a deep hole from which we must now climb out. Any realist would have to say the season is lost at this point. So, now just give me Champions League.

Real Madrid 1-2 Getafe

Real Madrid Football Blog Liveblog

Well, I am having a difficult time fathoming this result. I can’t believe my eyes. And I don’t want to believe it.

I am also having difficulties keeping my thoughts in check, because they betray me right now. I have to keep in mind that when Barcelona won the league two seasons ago, they also lost their first game to Hercules. Just because we lost this game to Getafe doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

And yet I’m furious. We looked like we had no idea how to earn a goal. We were not sharp. We were just lacking overall offensively. And Getafe got two goals from our own mistakes. Why, oh why?

Clearly we aren’t operating on all cylinders. We need a tuneup.

Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona

El Clasico #1 2012-2013

Real Madrid Football Blog Live Game Comments

Well, Los Blancos lost leg one in the Spanish Supercup away to Barcelona today. But, you know what? That’s okay. We may have lost, but we earned two valuable away goals. We also took the initial lead. And, most significantly, we did so without Pepe. We might have actually maintained a draw or a win had we included our beloved central defender. Ronaldo scored his first goal of the 2012-2013 campaign, as did Di Maria, the latter of which worked hard to steal the ball from Valdez. Both goals were nice.

If it wasn’t clear already, Albiol really is a deficient defender. Sell him off and replace him, please! We need a different backup for Pepe and Ramos.