Inter Milan 0-3 AC Milan

Inter lost 3-nil to Milan. It didn’t look good at the start. Only 45 seconds in, Pato scored against Inter. The game was ugly, and, from a black and blue fan, it was boring. Inter was lackluster and stagnant. Milan had the energy and motivation necessary to take care of business in this Milan derby. Chivu prevented a second goal by clipping Pato on the breakaway, earning himself a red card towards the start of the second half. Down to 10 men, things were dire for Inter. It wouldn’t be long before Milan would get their second goal. Then, I fell asleep. Like I said, Inter was boring today. At some point while I was asleep, somewhere around the 85th minute I guess, Milan scored a third goal. They simply squashed Inter today, just like they did in the derby earlier in the season.

Milan come away with both derbies this season, and they are now the heavy favorites for winning the league. Inter, what happened? We had great momentum before the international break, but all was lost in the return. Pitiful.

Let’s focus on the Champions League now. At least Milan can’t participate in that one.


Roma vs. Lazio: Children disguised as professionals

Wow. Roma is beating Lazio 1-nil right now. The score isn’t as noteworthy as the behavior from Lazio. They are acting like children. One stomped on Totti’s jaw and got away with it. Another head butted a different player; red card. Another player took a Roma player down in the box; red card, penalty kick. Live update as I write: PK goal, 2-nil; just over three minutes left and Lazio is down to 9 men. Unbelievable stuff. Then again, it is a derby!