Halo: Anniversary

Yeah, yeah, I know: I’m late to the dinner table. Anniversary has been out for nearly a year, and I just now got around to buying it. It wasn’t for lack of desire, but for lack of money and priority. Alas, I have it, and I started playing it last night with my buddy, Erik. […]

Saying Goodbye to Video Games

Video games are expensive. They are also time consuming. And, recently, they have been subpar. Modern Warfare 3 is good, but it isn’t as good as Modern Warfare 2. In the words of Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, “You’re dead to me.” Street Figher X Tekken is cumbersome, clunky, and crappy. Again, “You’re dead to […]

Halo 4 Music

Halo 4 Music Neil Davidge is composing this next installment in the Halo Saga. He has worked on Unleashed, I am Legend, Blade 2, The Jackal, Clash of the Titans, CSI, House, West Wing, and more. He has been a Halo fan since it was originally released in 2001. I’m excited, unlike Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton. […]

Halo: Anniversary

Halo: CE was the ground-breaking Xbox game when I was in college. It was awesome. It originally released in 2001; it remained a popular game through 2006 as some die hard fans did not care for Halo 2 or 3. Halo: CE is now being remastered and released under the title Halo: Anniversary. It’s no […]

Fascination with Snipers

What is it about snipers that makes them so cool? I love the idea of a sniper. But I can’t determine why. I’m not in the military. I have no professional reason for this fascination. I am not a marksman. I have no fanatical reason, either. The only experience that I have with sniping is […]