Inter Milan 1-0 AC Milan

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Forza Inter! Milan paints in black and blue yet again!


Inter Milan 2-2 Rubin

Home cooking does it’s job on us again. Or is it The Curse of the Plastic Pitch? Whatever it is, there are enough slack performances at home to make people talk as though there was a block or something. Me? I just don’t think that this is a a consistently good team yet. It’s not a knock on the coach or the players or the front office. It’s just where we are in the rebuilding process as far as I can see it. I personally am not panicking because everything that I see is still better than last season. I will say this until I make someone physically vomit – I will be happy with progress. As far as I can see, we are still a better team – not just in record and table standing – than we ever were with Gasperini and perhaps Ranieri, even considering that nice run we had in December.

As a matter of fact, I think that we were the better team in the first half and unlucky to have conceded a penalty. Don’t misunderstand, it was a penalty, no complaints. And Handanovic did an excellent job blocking the kick. But the follow through by the group lining the area who allowed the rebound goal… stink – o. I think that the team stunk up the joint as the second half wore on. Up to the final whistle, I thought we were lucky to draw watching the stink -a- roo the last 45 minutes of that game ended up being.

Looking back, that was a lot of stink. (Inter Milan Offside Blog)

Well done, Livaja and Nagatomo for finding the net to salvage a point.

Forza Inter!

Comcast and beIN Sport Update

I’m still waiting for Comcast to add beIN Sport to the sports entertainment package. Right now, I can’t watch Inter Milan in Serie A and Real Madrid in La Liga, because beIN exclusively holds the rights to those leagues in the USA. Read more here.

I saw beIN Sport’s tweet for Comcast customers to contact the cable company and see when they are planning on rolling out this new soccer channel. We already know that an agreement between the content provider and the cable provider has been made, but we just didn’t know when the cable provider would release the channel to its consumers.

Until now.

Comcast has confirmed for me that in my area, Sacramento, Ca, beIN Sport is being rolled out 9/6/12 in SD. There is no ETA towards when they will release beIN Sport in HD.

It will be imperative that we request Comcast to roll it out in HD.

Inter Milan 1-3 Roma

Fox Soccer Match Trax | Inter Milan Offside Live Opinion

Inter’s first strong test of the season came today at home against Roma. And Inter failed said test. Offensively, we looked uncertain. Defensively, we looked unstable. Ultimately, it culminated in 2 well executed Roma goals with 1 bearing a nice deal of luck, and 1 Inter goal that was totally the result of luck. Not a good result for the Nerazzurri whatsoever. Cassano’s loan goal, his first for Inter this season, was totally luck, but he scored nonetheless.