REMINDER: Free Beginning Biblical Greek Class Starts in 1 month!

I will be kicking off a some-odd 30 week free Beginning Biblical Greek course on January 5, 2019, 9am Pacific (that’s 11am Central or 12pm Eastern) at YouTube.

Bookmark my channel. Subscribe as well. Oh, and hit the bell to enable notifications!

Also, very important, get your books and materials now and start reading!

Before January 5, make sure you have read Mounce chapters 1-4.

You can purchase the books you will need for the course using the image-links below (Amazon affiliate links; thanks for your support!) or obtain them through any other site or bookstore of your choosing.

Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek, third edition, a.k.a., the Blue Hymnal. Our primary text. Read the chapters listed below before our online class session each week.

After each class session, I’d encourage you to practice what you learn and work through the companion workbook. Mounce has a website,, where you can get additional resources for studying Biblical Greek, including the answer key to the workbook—so you can get help and look up answers and explanations if or when you get stuck.

Wallace is the follow-up in the Zondervan series to Mounce. We will use it in the last 5 weeks of the course when we translate 1 John together. It is a reference tool; it is not something that you will read through unless you are looking for something to put you to sleep before bed!

BDAG. Another reference tool. It is pricy. It is a Greek-English lexicon, and it is the standard for Biblical Greek studies. You will want it when we translate 1 John in the last 5 weeks.

The last book you will need is also for the last week of the course. This book introduces the field of Textual Criticism. You can read it now ahead of the final week. It is interesting. We will apply its methods to a textual variant from 1 John in the final week of our course.

Weekly Lesson Plans

  • Week 1: Read Mounce Preface through Chapter 4 ahead of first lecture on 05 Jan 2019.
  • Week 2: Read Mounce Chapter 5-6.
  • Week 3: Read Mounce Chapter 7.
  • Week 4: Read Mounce Chapters 8-9.
  • Week 5: Read Mounce Chapter 10.
  • Week 6: Read Mounce Chapters 11-12.
  • Week 7: Read Mounce Chapters 13-14.
  • Week 8: Read Mounce Chapter 15-16.
  • Week 9: Read Mounce Chapter 17.
  • Week 10: Read Mounce Chapter 18.
  • Week 11: Read Mounce Chapters 19-20.
  • Week 12: Read Mounce Chapter 21.
  • Week 13: Read Mounce Chapters 22-23.
  • Week 14: Read Mounce Chapter 24.
  • Week 15: Read Mounce Chapter 25.
  • Week 16: Read Mounce Chapters 26-27.
  • Week 17: Read Mounce Chapters 28-29.
  • Week 18: Read Mounce Chapter 30.
  • Week 19: Read Mounce Chapter 31.
  • Week 20: Read Mounce Chapter 32.
  • Week 21: Read Mounce Chapter 33.
  • Week 22: Read Mounce Chapters 34-36.
  • Week 23: Prepositions and Conjunctions (no reading). Translate 1 John 1.
  • Week 24: Conditional Statements (no reading). Translate 1 John 2.
  • Week 25: Genitive and Dative (no reading). Translate 1 John 3.
  • Week 26: Infinitive and Participle (no reading). Translate 1 John 4.
  • Week 27: Textual Criticism (no reading). Translate 1 John 5.


Also, be on the lookout for a series, the Greek Word of the Day. It will go live here on Iakobou on 1/1/19 (but it already started on YouTube). The series will cover the same vocabulary that you will get in the Blue Hymnal, but it will add some extra detail from BDAG in a short 5 minute or less video!


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