Initial thoughts on my KBD75 and my quest for the perfect keyboard

Interested in a KBD75 mechanical keyboard? My review is below the jump.

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect keyboard since January. I started with a Vortex Race 3 (Rac3). I moved to a WhiteFox. And now I picked up a KBDFans KBD75. In a word, it is awesome!

I elected the black frame and PBT Dolch side-print keycaps with Kailh Box Navy switches. It is a dream!

I must say, the clicky and tactile Navy switches are fantastic!

I am struggling a tad with the side-print legends. Not having them on top is something I will have to get used to as I am currently finding myself second-guessing where some keys are, and it is slowing me down. I bet I’ll get the hang of it in no time.

I did struggle with QMK. I even made this post after completing the flash to my liking, which has received some good feedback, especially some extra options for more easily flashing the firmware to the keyboard. However, though struggling, it was challenging and rewarding. I look forward to programming macros in that system.

The RGB is underboard and underwhelming. I could add SMD LEDs to these switches for backlighting, but I’m not sure if I would need to then install a RGB controller or not. In any case, I don’t know how to do any of that. However, even though the RGB is not spectacular, I do admit that I like having it. Ultimately, it’s purely aesthetic and non-functional, but that’s okay.

I’m really impressed with the build quality. I think the keyboard is fantastic.

The only downside I am seeing is that I am still falling prey to the smaller right shift key, so that I accidentally hit the up arrow at times just as I did with the WhiteFox and the Rac3. However, this keyboard positively underscores my desire for a dedicated function row. I love it.

So, initial impressions: this is the keyboard for me. I think I’ll be hard pressed to find a better keyboard. I may try a true TKL. I may try a 60% for grins and giggles. But I think especially for now this KBD75 is the way to go.

I’ve programmed this board as follows:

  • F1 = macro 1
  • F2 = macro 2
  • F3 = macro 3
  • F4 = macro 4
  • F5 = macro 5
  • F6 = Paste and Match Style
  • F7 = macro 7
  • F8 = macro 8
  • F9 = macro 9
  • F10 = macro 10
  • F11 = Show Notification Center
  • F12 = Toggle Do Not Disturb
  • Prtsc = Mute
  • Scroll Lock = Volume Down
  • Pause = Volume Up
  • Home = Previous Track
  • PgUp = Play/Pause
  • PgDn = Next Track
  • End = Toggle RGB Underboard
  • Fn+Pause = Display Sleep