2 Tim 1:3-18

We need to be people who pray for others. It’s not just about me. It’s also about you. If we are people who pour ourselves into others as a spiritual investment in God’s kingdom, the currency of this investment is prayer. And we need to pray all throughout the day. We need to be people of prayer; people who are infused with prayer; people who are in constant communication with God; people who intercede on behalf of others. For whom are you praying?

We need to be people who encourage others. We do not walk alone. We need to help motivate each other to stay the course, which is a natural result of fellowship, but sometimes more encouragement than fellowship itself can provide is necessary to help reignite the faith of some believers. Life is complex. There could be discouraging and harsh circumstances that drain people’s batteries more than others. Such people need a sincere and encouraging word. Church leaders are not exempt here. Working in the church can be exhausting, and, at times, discouraging. Imagine being the new reverend of a parish. Imagine that the previous reverend, whom has recently retired, was absolutely superb, and his parishioners were quite devoted to him. Now, imagine that the parishioners begin complaining about your style of leadership in comparison to the previous reverend. Imagine also that the parishioners begin complaining about your style of preaching, expressing how they wish the previous reverend was still around. You would be crushed and discouraged! Even church leaders need encouragement.

Let’s build up the church by praying for each other constantly and by encouraging each other, including, but not limited to, our church leadership.