Socio-Rhetorical Analysis Introduction

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About: this paper was delivered to Professor Peter Rodgers at Fuller Theological Seminary during my final quarter for a self-directed study on Socio-Rhetorical Analysis.


Socio-rhetorical analysis is but one of a myriad of critical methods for studying Scripture. This method is itself the combination of two different methods: sociological analysis and rhetorical analysis. In order to understand what socio-rhetorical analysis is used for, it would help to first understand what make up its parts. We will briefly summarize both sociological and rhetorical analysis as two separate methods for interpreting the New Testament, so that we may have a good foundation for combining the two into one critical method. Concerning New Testament studies, we will look at what sociology and rhetorical studies are used for, and we will see what advantages and disadvantages each of them have. Then we will determine how to proceed further in this quest for introducing…

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