A Comparison of Kings and Chronicles

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About: this paper was submitted to Dr. Chris Corwin at Fuller Theological Seminary during my first year for a class on the Writings.




A Comparison of Kings and Chronicles

Kings Chronicles
Different: Begins with Solomon Begins with Adam
Different: Does not include kingly reigns of Saul or David Includes kingly reigns of Saul and David
Different: David’s death is longer and more detailed David’s death is mentioned in passing
Different: Adds Adonijah’s attempt to set himself up as king


Different: Adds David’s charge to Solomon


Note: The beginning of Kings and Chronicles are different, but they share similarities. For example, both include David’s death, but they do it differently. The books take different starting points, but it is easy to tell that both books are looking at David’s reign through his heirs.
Similar: Both tell of Solomon asking for wisdom (1 Kgs 3; 2 Chrs…

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