@Comcast: Provide @beINSportUSA in English, HD—pretty please with a cherry on top!

Still waiting to be able to watch La Liga and Serie A with English commentators. Still waiting to see the games in crystal clear high definition. I’m tired of waiting. Comcast, get with it.

Have you sent Comcast any notification lately that you want beINSport in English and HD? If not, you should.

Retweet mine that I just did. Also, chat their support team and let them know that you want it in English and in HD or you intend to switch to a satellite competitor soon.


According to the Xfinity chat support, we need to request it in English and in HD using the following link: https://secure.opinionlab.com/ccc01/o.asp?id=BPwhRtBv

Note that the Xfinity chat had no information as to whether English or HD would be made available in my region:

We can’t speculate though when this will be added in HD and English as many factors are considered when deciding where to launch a channel, including contractual obligations, technical requirements, and customer requests. We do have a request link to provide us your request/feedback regarding the channel you want most to be added in your area. I can check the link here if you’d like.

Be sure to use the link. And contact Comcast via Twitter. Annoy them to the point that they take action.



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