@beINSport—@Comcast vs dish (part deux)

I posted earlier on whether I should switch to dish. I can’t use U-Verse. I tried; AT&T failed—miserably. So, I am wondering, should I switch TV providers? I really want beINSport in order to watch La Liga and Serie A. But not only do I want to watch it with English commentators, I want it in crystal clear HD. Comcast is offering English beINSport tomorrow, but only in SD. If the same timeline is true for getting beINSport in HD as it was for Fox Soccer Channel, then it could be well over 1 year. I’m impatient. I won’t wait forever. Maybe it is time to move on?

I have a group rate Comcast Triple Play. I get a basic set of digital cable with DVR and HD in one room. I get nationwide unlimited telephone. And I get a blast upgrade of internet, 20mbps. All of this comes out to about $150/mo. My goal is to switch TV providers, get Fox Soccer Channel (current Barclays Premier League USA broadcast channel), NBC Sports (future Barclays Premier League USA broadcast channel), and beINSport (current La Liga, Serie A broadcast channel), retain my Comcast blast internet, and maybe keep phone service, all for $150/mo or less. Is it possible? Previous research showed that it was not, but I was at that time unwilling to get rid of my telephone service. What’s out there now?

Since the blast internet will run me about $60 out the door, I have $90 to spend per month on phone and TV, or just TV. Dish, DirecTV, what do you have?

Dish Network offers America’s Top 250 package for $69.99. Free HD for life plus a Hopper DVR system. It includes Fox Soccer Channel, NBC Sports, and beINSport. DirecTV offers the Premier English TV Package for $119.99, which includes the same channels. Not only is it ridiculously expensive, but beINSport is not in HD in my region. But neither is Dish!

That’s right: neither Dish, DirecTV, nor Comcast offer beINSport in HD in the Sacramento region.

Ergo, I have no reason to switch TV providers.

All I can do is request Comcast to get it in HD as soon as possible. DirecTV does offer beINSport in HD elsewhere in the country. Why can’t these TV providers offer it in Sacramento?