Say it aint so!

The Death Battle reasoned that Batman’s greatest strengths, especially his stealth, are rendered irrelevant by Spiderman’s spidey-sense. Okay, that’s true—except that Spiderman’s spidey-sense can be tricked, a la Green Goblin from the first Spiderman movie with Toby McGuire—just sayin’. They did say that this death battle assumed a one-off battle without any preparation, and if more time was given, Batman may have one, but Spiderman also being a genius would have had equal time to prepare, so that may be a wash.

In any case, the Death Battle episode was entertaining, even if I respectfully disagree.

I would also have to say if the reasoning of one blogger holds true, that Batman can beat the Avengers—including the Hulk—I would also say he can beat Spiderman, but such are the opinions of the blogosphere. Snack on this other opinion piece: