Top Gear, Season 3: “One Tank”

I’m losing patience with Top Gear. I’m losing fascination, too. If it keeps up at this pace, I’ll likely give up watching the show. Come on, can you blame me? I’m not into off roading. I’m not into gas sipping from state to state. I’m into power, exotics, and fun. Maybe I’m just spoiled from the first season and from much of the second. Here’s History’s description of the “One Tank” episode:

Hey, at least there was a “Stig” in this episode. Unfortunately, we are now 4 episodes into Season 3, and we still haven’t seen the Stig race a sweet car around the Top Gear race track, and we haven’t yet been treated to any sort of feature car. I can’t believe it, but we haven’t even yet been treated to a Big Star Small Car interview. What’s the deal? Who knows? Stay tuned.