Real Madrid 1-2 Getafe

Real Madrid Football Blog Liveblog

Well, I am having a difficult time fathoming this result. I can’t believe my eyes. And I don’t want to believe it.

I am also having difficulties keeping my thoughts in check, because they betray me right now. I have to keep in mind that when Barcelona won the league two seasons ago, they also lost their first game to Hercules. Just because we lost this game to Getafe doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

And yet I’m furious. We looked like we had no idea how to earn a goal. We were not sharp. We were just lacking overall offensively. And Getafe got two goals from our own mistakes. Why, oh why?

Clearly we aren’t operating on all cylinders. We need a tuneup.


Inter 3-0 Pescara

Inter Offside Liveblog

Sneijder, Milito, and Coutinho all opened their Serie A scoring accounts today in Inter’s first league game away at Pescara in the team’s 3-nil win. Perfect start to the season!