Top Gear, Season 3, Episode 2: Small Cars, Small Amusement

History Channel: Top Gear: Season 3: Episode 2, Small Cars

Small cars work in the rest of the world but will they ever work here? The guys try to answer the question and travel to Louisiana to take them out of their natural home on the narrow city streets of New Orleans and deep into Cajun Country where they have to hunt and survive alongside the locals. Whoever did the worst in their car suffers the humiliation of having to drive the world s smallest car for a day in their home town.

I don’t know about any of you, but when I watch a car show, I want it to be cool. I want it to be about speed. I want to see something out of the ordinary. Small cars are simply ordinary, slow, and boring. This episode was the exact opposite idea of anything I would ever want to watch.

But in Top Gear I trust.

I watched it anyway. The best part, the mildly entertaining aspect, was the crawdad prank Tanner pulled off on Rut.

And the Trident? Let’s not go there.

I hope something jaw dropping awaits us next week.