I must have missed an important news bit, but GolTV is no longer airing La Liga matches, and Fox Soccer is no longer airing Seria A.

Again, whiskey tango foxtrot?

So, now, I pay Comcast $8 a month just to watch Chelsea in the BPL, and UEFA Champions League, both on FSC. I no longer have need for GolTV. Scarcely does ESPN show Chelsea matches, but sometimes they do, but, still, I feel jipped.

I know Comcast doesn’t have a say in the licensing, but as a football fan, I just feel jipped.

Now, I just requested to have Comcast add beIN Sport to the network, but we’ll see how long it takes. Comcast always seems to be last to the dinner table. You can chime in and make the same request:

Find out more about beIN Sport at their website, Follow them on Twitter, @beINSport1USA, to stay abreast of provider support.


4 thoughts on “La Liga, Serie A available exclusively on beIN Sport

  1. That makes me so angry! We FINALLY get FSC to add an HD channel on Comcast, which only happened less than a year ago, and now I lose Serie A. I’m so freaking livid!

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