It’s the battle of the big 3 as the guys compete over which is the best new police car to replace the Crown Vic, in a series of madcap challenges around Detroit, Michigan. The winner gets to race the fastest Police Car in the country — the Corvette ZO6 — in an action film style chase through the Long Beach docks as he tries to catch a “perp” riding the ultimate escape vehicle.

Season 3–the real Season 3 and not some half-numbered season–kicked off with a bang! The guys say good-bye to the Police Crown Vics and search for the next modern police car. The battle was between the Police Charger from Dodge, the Caprice PPC from Chevy, and the Police Interceptor from Ford, which is based off of the Taurus. The war’s results were skewed for several reasons, all of which were entertaining, but the real item of note was the prize. The proclaimed winner was Tanner Foust. The prize? Race a Police Corvette Z06 against a motorcycle in Long Beach (think Nicolas Cage, Gone in 60 Seconds). I doubt that Adam would have been up to the challenge, and I’m sure Rutledge would have given it a go, but it seemed that it was really meant for Tanner, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the war was rigged. In any case, the race was really fun to watch. I loved it. What was missing from the episode? How about taking the cars around the Top Gear racetrack! I would have liked to see how they stacked up against each other on the circuit, but I’ll settle for that awesome race at the end.

I would have loved to watch it live and tweeted with Tanner, whom I have yet to receive a response to any tweet–ever. But alas I was not able to see it live, and I watched it an hour later via the mighty DVR.