Chelsea 2-3 Manchester City

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Well, we lost. Oh well.

I went crazy when Torres scored. I strongly believe he will play a solid role this season. I went crazy when Bertrand scored. Good hustle, no? But I went speechless at Ivanovich’s red. It’s hard to take in. We were doing quite fine, and then once down to 10 men, it really was just a matter of time. Boo.

Most notably, Mikel was indeed awful offensively in this appearance. He must have not been feeling well or something, because clearly something was off. Hazard played okay, but he was trying too hard at times. Cole’s offensive runs were good, and he may develop a good understanding with Hazard as time goes on. Mata wasn’t even close to being comfortable with the new offensive tactics for this season’s Blues. Not having him in preseason really did us no good with this regard.

Fortunately, no injuries, and now we can get on with the BPL next week.