So, I am completely torn.

On the one hand, if I were to win the Mustang Customizer, I would love to have the Boss 302. It has 444 hp and is well balanced. But, it doesn’t have the Shaker sound system or standard in-cabin lighting. It also lacks leather interior. I hear good things about cloth, but I’ve really come to enjoy leather.

On the other hand, I would love to have a GT Premium with the Shaker sound system, standard in-cabin lighting, and leather interior, but it would be lacking some of the horsepower and balance of the Boss.

I have to ask myself: am I going to be racing?

I have to ask myself: am I going to be blaring my music?

I have to ask myself: will leather hold up better to my child?

I have to ask myself: do I want to bask in blue in-cabin lighting?

The answer: No, I won’t be racing, but I will be blaring my music, leather will hold up really well against the rigors of child rearing, and I most certainly do want to wade in my favorite hue.

I suppose I could always do some power adders to the GT to make up for the power loss, right?