Yeah, that’s right, I’m opting for the GT over the Boss per my original decision. I don’t need a race car. The options of the GT bear more importance to me, options that I can’t even begin to fathom doing myself.

Only now I have opted to go with the Boss 302 front fascia while retaining the GT grill and fog lamps rather than going with the 3dCarbon front fascia. I’ve decided not to go with any custom paint scheme, so it is a simplistic design.

I would love to get the GT Track Package, Charcoal Gray with Grabber Blue accent leather trimmed bucket seats, and Shaker 1000 audio system with it, and Comfort Package, but then add on Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter (do they make one for 2013 yet?), Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake (is it even necessary for 2013 as it already comes with a cold-air intake?), Steeda Ultra-Lite Springs, Magnaflow Cat Back Street exhaust, and custom tune. Boom.

[Edit] Yes, Steeda makes the Tri-ax for 2011 and up, including 2013. The same is true of its cold air intake induction system (with SCT custom tune). [/Edit]