Chelsea 1-4 Atletico Madrid

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Cahill scored our loan goal. Falcao tore us apart. Embarrassing display. Enough said.


FRS vs BRZ on #TopGear?

I believe Toyota has come out with its contemporary version of the Supra in the FRS. And Subaru has come out with a direct competitor with the BRZ.

The question I’d like to pose is this: Will Top Gear feature a battle between these two cars?

Real Madrid 1-2 Getafe

Real Madrid Football Blog Liveblog

Well, I am having a difficult time fathoming this result. I can’t believe my eyes. And I don’t want to believe it.

I am also having difficulties keeping my thoughts in check, because they betray me right now. I have to keep in mind that when Barcelona won the league two seasons ago, they also lost their first game to Hercules. Just because we lost this game to Getafe doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

And yet I’m furious. We looked like we had no idea how to earn a goal. We were not sharp. We were just lacking overall offensively. And Getafe got two goals from our own mistakes. Why, oh why?

Clearly we aren’t operating on all cylinders. We need a tuneup.

Love Me Some Track Jackets

I love track jackets. My first one was an Adidas kit back from my freshman year of high school. I don’t remember its name, but it may have been part of the first Predator lineup. In any case, I was hooked. I ordered it too large for me, but I loved it. I got a Nike one my sophomore year; and I got another Adidas one somewhere in that high school timeline. I became a collector. In college, the soccer team got track jackets on loan, and I loved that one, too. I bought one from American Eagle even.

Regrettably, I went through a fashion phase in which I got rid of everything that was Medium or larger, since I was actually a size Small. So much for my collection.

Once 2010 World Cup hit and I was by that time a fresh soccer consumer, I began rebuilding my collection. First, it was the 2010 Italy track jacket, size Small. It fit me perfectly. Second, it was the 2010 England track jacket, size Small. It didn’t fit, and I had to exchange it for Medium. Puma and Adidas Smalls are great; Nike and Umbro require Mediums for me. I have yet to obtain a Germany jacket, since none of them really appealed to me, but there is one currently that is pretty nicely clad in green; however, I’m in no hurry to obtain one, since I am not a big fan of national team soccer in the same way that I am for club soccer. And why would I rush to get national gear when I could be building my collection for those teams that I hold near and dear to my heart?

I switched gears in my collection with this intention, adding first to my possession Inter’s 2011-2012 white track jacket, available exclusively from the Inter Shop in Italy (sorry, I got it in Medium as it is a Nike piece. It’s a little loose, but I’ll be the first to recognize that I am no longer a size Small. Hey, I’m getting older, what can I say?

Next up in my collection will soon be the 2011-2012 (and apparently 2013) Chelsea Anthem track jacket, which I purchased in Medium from Now all that is left is to get one for Real Madrid. Currently, they only sell their 2011-2012 Anthem track jacket, but they debuted the first leg of the Spanish Supercup in blue stripes rather than gold, and that is the one I want.

After that, I won’t be collecting any more track jackets for a while. Well, maybe a Germany one come next World Cup in 2014. We’ll see.

Until then, I’ll want to complete my club scarf collection and begin a club soccer socks collection. I’m a devoted fan, so sue me.

Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

Chelsea FC Match Report | WAGNH Match Opinion Thread

Well, Hazard continues to prove hazardous by slotting away the first goal through a nicely earned Torres PK. He returned the favor before the half and set up Torres to struck it home powerfully with the outside of his right boot. Wam, bam, thank you, ma’am! Newcastle had one opportunity from Ba in which he whiffed his first attempt and his second was stopped by Cech low on the floor. Other than that, the Blues earned 3 points quite comfortably.

It’s nice to see Torres getting his confidence back. He even did one of those around-the-back kicks–what’s the name of that move? He nearly saw it through to Hazard for a possible third goal, but it was in fact intercepted. Still, he is clearly getting his confidence back. Two goals in two games surely helps, but clearly Hazard is having a greater impact than we could have ever imagined.

Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona

El Clasico #1 2012-2013

Real Madrid Football Blog Live Game Comments

Well, Los Blancos lost leg one in the Spanish Supercup away to Barcelona today. But, you know what? That’s okay. We may have lost, but we earned two valuable away goals. We also took the initial lead. And, most significantly, we did so without Pepe. We might have actually maintained a draw or a win had we included our beloved central defender. Ronaldo scored his first goal of the 2012-2013 campaign, as did Di Maria, the latter of which worked hard to steal the ball from Valdez. Both goals were nice.

If it wasn’t clear already, Albiol really is a deficient defender. Sell him off and replace him, please! We need a different backup for Pepe and Ramos.

Chelsea 4-2 Reading

CFC Match Report | WAGNH Opinion

Chelsea won another 3 points in yesterday’s match at home against Reading.

Things looked great at first, but half way through the first half, things looked bleak.

We took the lead thanks again to some close quarter dribbling by Hazard, or what I like to call “magic,” which led to Lampard’s second goal of the season when he pounded home his second PK. But then Cech got beat on a very well placed Pog header and then flubbed on a basic and routine free kick. We were losing 1-2 at the half. But the champions that we are saw to it that we came out with a vengeance, punishing Reading three times to keep the spoils to ourselves. We really turned it around.

Things are looking good, but we definitely have some work to do. It’s early in the season, so I am excited about what is to come!