The Great Escape

If you haven’t seen The Great Escape, you might be missing out. It’s a reality TV show on TNT, but each episode contains different contestants, so every week sees new winners who receive $100,000. It requires puzzle solving skills, ninja skills, and weight-lifting skills, as it combines a series of puzzles throughout a guarded labyrinth that requires stealth and strength to navigate, which makes it suspenseful and interesting. Three teams compete—the red, blue, and green teams—with 2 people per team. Episodes started at Alcatraz first, the USS Hornet second, and now, most recently, The Institution third. Thus far, it has been filmed entirely in Northern California from what I can tell. My favorite one so far was Alcatraz, since I have been there, but I think the coolest one so far has been The Institution. I thought that the puzzles were pretty challenging and very intriguing in this episode.

Have you seen The Great Escape? Have you been to its website? Are you using the phone app to earn points?