After having customized over 100 Mustangs at, I have realized that I like the simpler style. I always have, but it just seems more concrete now. And so, I must ask myself, do I even want the 3d Carbon Fiber front bumper? Or the custom decklid? Or even the GT500 spoiler? How about the Roush rims? The purist in me says emphatically, “No.” The realist in me says the same but for different reasons. I’ve had a Saleen—a production tuner car. I’ve had a Cobra—a factory tuner car. I realize I may be splitting hairs here between production and factory tuner car definitions, but let me explain.

The Cobra was tight. Everything fit seamlessly. No cricks, creeks, or annoyances. The previous owner had broken a few things when he ran over an animal, but that aside, the car was solid. The Saleen was rickety. The sideskirts didn’t fit right, the center caps on the rims would disappear periodically, and the rear bumper was slightly uneven and even partially bubble-warped. While the Saleen may have been supercharged and quicker, it had these non-factory faults. The Cobra was a better car even if it wasn’t as fast. It was better because it was a well built machine straight from Ford.

The realist in me says, “Why get aftermarket parts when you know that you will have a similar experience to that of the Saleen?” Yes, I know, but it would still look good, unique, and Ford would build it for me. It is the purist that breaks the tie: the GT’s raw form is so good, I really do want it straight from Ford how it was designed for 2013.

You be the judge.



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