After having customized around 40 2013 Mustangs, I found the one that was most appealing to both me and my wife. I have dubbed it “HMS,” an acronym of sentimental value between the two of us. This Mustang follows the aesthetic philosophy that less is more. While I could have gone with decals or accents of many kinds, I went with none. We both liked the stock grill, hood, scoop, and skirts. We also both liked the Roush rims and 3d Carbon Fiber front fascia. I like the GT500 wing with the concept decklid that matches the plate matte. These aesthetic features are the cherry touches to an already great looking Mustang. Surprisingly, we both really liked the white—Performance White to be precise. And it is a stock GT. It is astonishingly simple yet masterful. I like the blue hues, but this just looks so, well, perfect. It reminds me of my first Mustang, a 1994 Mustang Cobra SVT in white, only it has a true 5.0 and pinnacle retro cues. I hope I win this Mustang.

And, yet, even if I don’t win it, I could easily acquire one and do these modifications myself. The one worry would be the decklid, as I am unaware of any aftermarket part like it, but the decklid isn’t so crucial.

Funny, but when my wife saw this color and styling combination, she said, “Ahh, it’s cute. I’d drive that.” I looked at her solemnly and retorted, “It’s not cute; it’s clean.” And I intend for her to learn to drive stick in a Mustang such as this one.

Unless Ford unveils something spectacular in the next generation, my next Stang will be a 2013 GT.

Featured above is the GT with a 3d Carbon Fiber front bumper and Roush rims. It’s a simple yet elegant touch. The large rims really complement the S197 frame and wheel-wells.

In the image above you see the Roush rims with the GT500 wing on the GT. Plus, there is a concept decklid surrounding the GT emblem in-between the taillights. I love the way the concept decklid helps to form one horizontal unit with the taillights in the same style as the license plate matte. It provides a unifying touch that just fits perfectly.

Here again is the front 3d Carbon Fiber front bumber on the GT. Most prominent is the standard four-eyes feature. I love it. Unlike my 94 Cobra, these fog lights are hardly likely to take a rock and require a repair simply by driving up and down I-5.

Here’s a lovely overhead view of the GT. The front 3d Carbon Fiber front bumper really has a low profile, and the standard GT hood’s vents not only function but are very suiting to the rest of the cars’ lines. And I love the way the GT500 wing extends the look from above just as much as the 3d Carbon Fiber front bumper extends the look from below.

Here’s a pure rear view. I’ve already discussed the decklid, but I love the way the pain extends to the rear “under carriage,” if indeed that’s what it is called—the moulding around the tailpipes. The red reflectors fit in perfectly too.

In sum, I love this car. Like I said, unless something really drastic comes out in 2014, I’ll be getting a 2013 in the future. And unless the new generation for 2015 is totally just flippin’ crazy awesome, I think the 2013 is going to be the best bet for my dollar. However, the way Ford has been going lately, they might just knock the 50th anniversary out of the park.


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