2013 Mustang Customizer and Contest

Ford has released its 2013 Mustang Customizer, only this time it comes with a contest to win your favorite Mustang built as closely to your rendering as possible.

Visit the customizer here

The customizer itself works well. The rest of the site is slow and unreliable. I have encountered more server errors than I care to remember. Many features haven’t worked for me, such as the ability to challenge a friend and make a points wager, preventing me from ever challenging a friend. And, again, I’m not joking when I say that it is super slow. And for some odd reason, Ford’s webmaster elected to use Facebook’s connect feature and no other. Well, maybe that is what is causing all the slowness, and it is very irritating.

What’s more is the contest itself. It is very confusing. You can make multiple customized Mustangs, and you can have “multiple entries,” but you can only enter one Mustang. What? If you can only enter one Mustang, how can you have multiple entries? As best as I can explain it, the one Mustang to enter is the prize of your choice, and the multiple entries is the number of points you earn. In essence, your points are your raffle tickets while the Mustang is your custom prize should you win the raffle. There, now why didn’t they just say that?

So, the objective of the contest is to customize multiple Mustangs to your liking, and select one as your custom raffle prize. In so doing, you will be earning points for creating multiple custom Mustangs, and the more points you earn, the more raffle tickets you receive. And you can earn points by sharing the Mustangs you create through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or email. You can vote on battles; you can participate in battles with friends (which hasn’t worked for me); your can can be in battles and win up to 17,000 points even. You can customize multiple cars and more. There are lots of ways to earn points. Even downloading wallpaper from your customized Mustangs will earn you points. [Insert Staples Easy Button here]

Let me share some of my custom Mustangs with you. I’ve created several, and I’ll start where I began.

I created a V6 customized Mustang in a nice yellow with black accent and called it the “Honey Bee.” It packs a bit of a sting but is mostly sweet. I then went to its bigger brother, “Bumble Bee.”

Bumble Bee is a GT with more prominent black accents to imitate the bumble bee black and yellow stripes. It has a V8 with more power, so it can really buzz.

After I finished my Apis project, I moved to comics. I couldn’t help myself with the GT500 as it is the beloved Snake, so I created a custom one inspired by Spider-man’s villain, “Venom.”

After creating Venom, I had to create the other venomous monster, “Carnage.”

I didn’t stop with comic books there. My favorite superhero hands down is Batman, so I created two inspired Boss 302s based on this DC Universe character.

I started with the “Dark Knight.” I really liked the black with dark gray trim. I couldn’t stop there, so I created another one in opposite trim, which I call “The Caped Crusader.”

The Crusader is my current raffle prize entry, should I win. I love it. It’s definitely a concept car, and I think it does embody Batman very nicely.

But I haven’t stopped creating more custom Mustangs. I need more raffle tickets if I am to increase my odds at winning the raffle ticket drawing, so I am creating more Mustangs. Here is my most recent:

I call this one “Crescendo.”

Happy modding!


Prisoners, by The Agonist (#Prisoners @theagonist)

Prisoners on iTunes

Prisoners, by The Agonist

In sum, buy the album. iTunes is a great place to buy it, but if you like a tangible item, buy the CD.

I haven’t been able to listen to it yet, as I, unfortunately, need the $10 for other needs, but I plan on buying it. The Agonist puts together some very well-written songs, and I have trust in them to do it again in their junior album. I recommend it blindly.