Chelsea 1-4 Liverpool

Fox Soccer Article

Inconsequential. The Blues lost to the Reds 4-1 away today. No big deal, really, since Chelsea started it’s B squad. Terry really had a tough game, as did Ivanovich, but, overall, it was readily apparent that the starters were not crisp and sharp. Hungover? Perhaps. Too bad Liverpool couldn’t pull that scoreline on Saturday. This game makes little difference. We were always going to need to rely on winning Champions League to make Champions League next season. Di Mateo knew this fact to be true, and he chose to rest many of his key players, and rightfully so. It’s been a long road thus far, but it isn’t over yet. Rest is crucial.

Anyhow, with this 4-1 scoreline, we are at 107 goals for and 64 against. Ramires picks up his 12th of the season across all competitions.



Bosingwa: 2
Cahill: 2
David Luiz: 3
Drogba: 12
Ivanovich: 5
Kalou: 5
Lampard: 16
Malouda: 3
Mata: 11
Meireles: 4
Sturridge: 13
Ramires: 12
Terry: 6
Torres: 11
Goals for: 107
Goals against: 64