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Los Blancos came away with another three points, but these ones seem the most valuable as they were against and away to Barcelona. Khedira stuck first in the first half after Puyol failed to clear the ball out in the 6 yard box on his first touch. Well done to Khedira’s savviness. Half way through the second half, Barca scored an equalizer. It was well deserved given the nature of how it was scored. Two minutes later it seemed, Ozil let Ronaldo loose, and he set Real Madrid a head above Barca, ultimately earning the win. Well done to Ronaldo for showing up in this big game. Well done to Ronaldo for asserting his dominance over Messi. While Messi has dominated El Clasicos, we have witnessed the winds of change. And well done to Real Madrid for parking the bus but countering and leveraging set pieces to their advantage. Text-book Mourinho, no? Absolutely ecstatic with the result!

¡Hala Madrid!


Alonso: 2
Altintop: 1
Benzema: 29
Callejon: 11
Di Maria: 7
Higuain: 25
Kaká: 8
Khedira: 4
Marcelo: 3
Özil: 5
Pepe: 1
Ramos: 4
Ronaldo: 53
Varane: 1
Goals for: 155
Goals against: 49