Chelsea 5-1 Tottenham

Chelsea beat Tottenham today 5-1 in the FA Cup Semifinal at Wembley.

Drogba scored first with a delightful first touch and a powerful strike. The first half ended 1-nil.

Mata or Terry “scored” the second goal. Admittedly, the ball never crossed the line, so it was a goal that wasn’t. It was a dubious goal, and it may have been credited to Mata, but it touched Terry last, changing direction, before approaching the goal line.

Ramires scored the third goal while Lampard scored the fourth and Malouda the fifth. Lampard’s goal was a wonderful strike from about 30 yards out on a free kick.

It will be Chelsea vs Liverpool in the FA Cup Final.

Let’s go, Blues!


Bosingwa: 2
Cahill: 2
David Luiz: 3
Drogba: 10
Ivanovich: 5
Kalou: 5
Lampard: 16
Malouda: 2
Mata: 11
Meireles: 4
Sturridge: 12
Ramires: 9
Terry: 5
Torres: 7
Goals for: 95
Goals against: 54