Chelsea 3-0 Bolton Wanderers

Chelsea beat Bolton 3-nil at The Bridge today. The first half was rather dull and disheartening. But the Blues came out in the second half with high spirits, and David Luiz scored within the first 2 minutes with a nicely placed far post shot from within the 18. Not much later, Lampard’s corner found Drogba’s head, who placed it down to the ground and into the back of the net. Nearing the end of the game, Lampard controlled a volley into the back of the net to clinch the win.

I want to mention a few things.
1. Torres is not the “Torres of old”; he is the “Current Torres,” that is, a team contributor and not a goal scorer. Let’s utilize him for what he can do currently and not dwell on the past. I’ll take a Torres who can get assists and apply pressure even if he doesn’t score. We need to find a way to get our money’s worth out of him. I think he looked good and valuable during the 14 minutes he was in the game, not £50mil worth, but valuable nonetheless.
2. We are very much a second-half team, which worries me.
3. It was nice to see both Lampard and Drogba get on the score sheet.
4. A clean sheet. Wonderful. And at The Bridge no less.
5. Lampard emerges, again, as the top scorer of the team in all competitions.


Bosingwa: 2
David Luiz: 3
Drogba: 7
Ivanovich: 1
Kalou: 3
Lampard: 12
Malouda: 1
Mata: 8
Meireles: 2
Sturridge: 11
Ramires: 8
Terry: 4
Torres: 4
Goals for: 67
Goals against: 42