Chelsea 1-3 Napoli

A game full of mistakes, a wet one too, but a loss in the end, Chelsea returns to London with a valuable away goal but down 2 goals. What will happen in the next leg? What will happen at The Bridge?

Mata got his goal due to a Napoli clearance mistake. Meireles made a defensive mistake, allowing Lavezzi room to strike and score. Ivanovich made the defensive mistake of not marking up on Cavani, who hand-balled but scored. David Luiz made the defensive mistake of trying to play the ball through Cavani to Cole, resulting in another Lavezzi goal. Silly but costly stuff in this game.


Bosingwa: 2
David Luiz: 2
Drogba: 6
Ivanovich: 1
Kalou: 3
Lampard: 11
Malouda: 1
Mata: 8
Meireles: 2
Sturridge: 11
Ramires: 8
Terry: 4
Torres: 4
Goals for: 64
Goals against: 42