Death Battle!

Stumbled upon a sweet vodcast that considers two opponents and determines who would win in a battle to the death. It’s like Deadliest Warrior but with beloved fictional characters. It’s awesome! Here are the ones I like:

2 thoughts on “Death Battle!

  1. No offense, but i always thought this show is not just a crap attempt at even parodying Deadliest Warrior, but a total farce of a webshow. If you want better versus stuff, look at Epic Rap Battles of History, Deadliest Fiction wiki, Warrior Showdown, or Celebrity Deathmatch. Hell stick to any versus forum.

  2. “No offense, but . . .”

    Nice entrance. Good rhetoric. Way to gain an audience.

    I’ll look into Warrior Showdown as that does sound interesting. However, I would strongly urge you to change your approach.

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