Chelsea 3-3 Manchester United

Chelsea Match Report

Bummer. Chelsea tied Manchester United 3-3 at home. The Red Devil Evans gave us the lead around the 35th minute of the first half, and shortly after the break Mata and David Luiz made it 3-nil. Two penalties ensued, one of which wrongfully so, and ManU’s Rooney converted both to bring it to 3-2 before Chicharito headed their equalizer in passed Cech late in the game.

All things considered, since we should have won if not for the erroneous officiating from The Red Devil Webb, I’m pleased with the result, mostly in that we did not lose. I would have preferred the win, and am upset that we didn’t, but in perspective it is better than a loss. The draw is somewhat forgivable due to the officiating.

We were missing many key players: Drogba; Kalou; Mikel; Ramires; Lampard; Terry; and Cole. ManU was missing Vidic and Nani, but we were clearly the side most impacted. Our chips were down, and, yet, we did not lose. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Cahill? Meh. He did okay. I felt Ivanovich covered him quite a bit. Sweet shot on goal in the last minute though.

Torres? Pull the trigger my friend! Don’t aim down the sight and then get nervous and second guess the shot. Pull the trigger! Sweet cross to Mata though.

Mata’s goal was awesome! Brilliant! What a “onedervolley” (one-time, wonderful volley)! And it came off of a sweet cross from Torres. Spanish sensation and ingenuity. Keep it up.

David Luiz’s goal was a bit lucky, and while he will get credit for this deflection off of Ferdinand while Sturridge won’t get credit for his cross-deflection off of Evans, glad to see that David Luiz is keeping up his killer strikes against ManU.

We sure did look poor in the first half, and, while we did come out strong in the second, it quickly dwindled and we made far too many mistakes, which did ultimately cost us the game. Frustrating. Oh well. We earned a point, and now it is time to move on to the next one.


Bosingwa: 2
David Luiz: 2
Drogba: 6
Ivanovich: 1
Kalou: 3
Lampard: 11
Malouda: 1
Mata: 7
Meireles: 2
Sturridge: 10
Ramires: 8
Terry: 4
Torres: 4
Goals for: 62
Goals against: 36


Ending Sentences with a Preposition

I have heard it said that sentences shouldn’t be ended with a preposition. I should write, “It is a pen with which I write,” and not, “It is a pen that I write with.” The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing (3rd ed.; eds. John D. Ramage, John C. Bean, and June Johnson; New York: Pearson, 2003) makes no mention of such a rule. The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.; Chicago: University of Chicago, 2003) does state that a preposition can end a sentence (§5.162). This manual states that a sentence ending in a preposition sounds more natural than a sentence constructed so as to avoid terminal prepositions, and such a rule was nothing more than “an ill-founded superstition” (§5.169). Grammar Girl agrees, but with a caveat:

I said you don’t need to rewrite those sentences, but because of the prevalent myth that it’s wrong to end sentences with prepositions, there are times when you should avoid doing it even though it isn’t wrong. For example, when you’re writing a cover letter to a potential employer, don’t end a sentence with a preposition. The person reading the letter could see it as an error. I always recommend following the most conservative grammar rules in job applications. I’d rather be hired than lose out on an opportunity because my grammar was correct–but perceived as wrong.

But once you’re hired and you’re in a position to have a discussion about grammar, don’t be afraid to end sentences with prepositions as long as the preposition isn’t unnecessary. Just be ready to show your boss a good style guide or this Web page and do your part to dispel one of the top ten grammar myths.

Do you end sentences with a preposition?