iTunes Store – Movies – Moneyball

If you have ever played baseball, you should see Moneyball. If you have not seen it, you are missing out. Brad and Jonah worked really well together. But the story is interesting not least because it is based on real contemporary events, but also because the team strategy stands counter to all that I was taught in little league. Don’t steal? Don’t bunt? When fielding a bunt, don’t try the double play? Walk more by not swinging as much? These tactics are actually quite sound, but I never considered it prior to watching the movie. Intriguing stuff, and its presentation is very good and comical all throughout. I highly recommend this movie for all baseball enthusiasts and anyone who has ever played baseball.



iTunes Store – Movies – Flypaper

Ever heard of the movie called Flypaper? It is in Red Box dispensers right now. Before spending around a dollar per 24 hours to rent it, think again. The movie is terrible. McDreamy plays a turrets afflicted wannabe sleuth. Judd plays an attractive damsel in distress. The villains were not so villainous, as they gave their hostages in this bank heist gone wrong certain ammenities: a courtesy call home, bathroom breaks, freedom of movement, and nonviolence. The movie is a whodunit spoof. Its humor was ineffective. All things considered, this movie was minirly entertaining, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to see it.

Inter Milan 0-1 Lecce

Inter lost their second game in a row with today’s loss coming away at Lecce1-nil. The previous loss saw Inter exit the Coppa Italia while today’s loss saw them remain at 35 points in the Serie A. Boo.


Alvarez: 2
Cambiasso: 4
Castaignos: 1
Coutinho: 1
Faraoni: 1
Forlan: 1
Lucio: 2
Maicon: 2
Milito: 9
Motta: 3
Nagatomo: 2
Pazzini: 7
Poli: 1
Ranocchia: 1
Samuel: 1
Sneijder: 2
Zarate: 1
Goals for: 41
Goals Against: 32