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I have just “finished” the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer experience for Xbox Live. I have not really finished it, since it has no end, but what I have done is get the highest numerical value in rank before starting over or what is called “prestiging,” in case you are new to this Call of Duty franchise. Since I have in essence finished it, thus having spent many hours focused on this experience, I would like to give my two cents on the game. I like it, but I don’t love it.

The game picks up where Modern Warfare 2 left off. However, it has inherited some of the Black Ops aspects that I do not like. So, on the one hand I appreciate the third volume of the Modern Warfare series, but on the other it just doesn’t impress me as much as its predecessor. Here are some various aspects that set MW3 apart from the earlier games:

  • Scavenger and Blind Eye perks can’t be simultaneously used, as they are now part of the same perk class. This change prevents campers, such as myself, from making camp with an endless supply of ammo and simultaneously being carefree of choppers and the like.
  • Ninja pro doesn’t offer silent steps; such a perk has been given its own class, preventing campers to be off the radar and silent altogether simultaneously unless the gamer so chooses. But the marksman perk competes with silent steps, and it is very useful for long range attack. Snipers, such as myself, must choose, unlike in the previous game in which we could have our cake and eat it too.
  • IMS–it’s way cool. Imagine having numerous claymores in one spot, but they are smart enough to track the person who triggered it. Yeah, it’s useful. This item becomes available after five kills in a row using the assault kill streak package.
  • Support and specialist packages are a welcome addition. Kill streaks before only rewarded the best kill/death ratio players. Now, different options are available for rewarding individual play. In addition to kill/death ratio, which is called assault package, which resets upon death, there is the support package. This killstreak rewards the gamer for total kills irrespective of death, so it does not reset upon death. This package is helpful and geared towards aiding the team, whereas the assault package is meant for getting more kills. Remember the IMS from the assault package? Contrast that with the SAM turret, obtainable after five total kills in the support package, which is an anti-air assault turret that shoots down enemy helicopters and the like. See the difference?
  • Weapon proficiencies are new for Modern Warfare. We saw it before in some perks, but now they are seperated out into this new thing. Want impact penetration theough walls? It isn’t a perk anymore, but it is a weapon proficiency. You can use one weapon proficiency for your main weapon, ranging from impact to kick or even focus or stability.
  • The maps are well designed for optimum game flow. Unfortunately, this fact means that it has been designed to reduce camping. In the same way as Black Ops, there are nearly no brush or bush cover in which to hide. The maps are seemingly open and circular, largely leaving the gamer vulnerable from any angle. There are no fortresses to be taken up.
  • Kill confirmed is a new game type that strongly encourages movement and discourages camping, because one does not get full points for a kill unless the gamer or a teammate goes and picks up the dogtags of the victim before the tags disappear or before the opponents pick them up for their own point value. It is a fun gamerype, but it requires extra work.
  • Hardcore is now hardcore ricochet, but this is a new development as of this week. Previously, last week and earlier, it was regular hardcore without ricochet. I don’t mind ricochet.

There are many other differences, but I will stop there. Moving on, I would like to talk about the maps and my personal strategy. First, here is a list of the maps:

  • Seatown: a sandy town
  • Dome: a sandy military post
  • Arkaden: a mall
  • Bakaara: a sandy village
  • Resistance: an area in Paris
  • Downturn: a destroyed subway
  • Bootleg: a dark but sandy market place
  • Carbon: a sandy and hilly industrial work place
  • Hardhat: a sandy construction site
  • Lockdown: a destroyed city capital
  • Village: a sandy village
  • Fallen: an overrun village
  • Outpost: a snowy military post
  • Interchange: a destroyed freeway intersection
  • Underground: a destroyed train station
  • Mission: a destroyed mission

I don’t do well with a fast-paced shooter. Therefore, I camp, which helps me to stay consistent and prevent myself from becoming a liability to my team. As a result, I am at a disadvantage in this game, since it has been optimized to prevent camping. But, I have found areas where I can camp. I won’t describe them all, but I will mention a few of them.

Mission was the first map in which I found a place where I can camp. This place offers no brush or bush to hide in and conceal myself. The color of my virtual body blends in with the broken pile of bricks rather well; assuming a low profile, I can usually stay there for 2-3 kills before dying.

Dome is a sandy military post. There is an area in the middle of the map that has lots of bushes, one of the few spots in the entire multiplayer experience, in which a sniper can camp. It is not a fortress, as it is easily visible from distant onlookers from the Dome’s scaffolding, and there is very little to hide behind. Yet, it can be a great place for me to camp and reduce my deaths while trying to get at least 2 kills per death.

Arkaden is a shopping mall, and it has an area on the outside that is on the second story–a display case it seems. I like to go in there and assume a low profile, where I can get several kills before dying. However, I admit, it sometimes backfires, because I will be outside and pin the opponents inside, preventing them from coming outside, and then I end up with very few kills. When they are persistent in beating me, then I usually do well; if they are smart and essentially take me out of the game by refusing to come outside, then I do poorly. Oh well. At least I am not a major liability.

Carbon is a sandy industrial work place. While there is very limited brush about the maps to hide and conceal myself whilst camping, there is one little bush that is somewhat advantageous on this map. Top of the hill, just outside one of the doors, there is a bush on the outskirt that I can hide behind and conceal myself for a few kills. Usually the opponents come looking for me, so I have to relocate often.

Village offers one real good patch of brush to hide and conceal myself just on the outskirt by a wooden bridge. I have to shoot without clarity, but it works well. Admittedly, I usually don’t get many kills this way, since it is indeed on the outskirts of the map, away from the main action, but the stragglers that come that way usually get frustrated by me. I have spent several games there in that brush and have not died once, but I only got five kills. Again, at least I am not a liability.

The rest of the maps I primarily stay indoors. I use a sniper, the RSASS, and a pistol. I opt for the claymore, so when I am indoors I set a strategically placed claymore to watch my back and use the pistol for close encounters, but when I scope down range I switch of course to my sniper. Since I play hardcore only, the pistol is effective. Indoors, it is all about the mind games, which I find to be fun. I have begun to use the assault package, set to the IMS at 5 kills, the attack helicopter at 7, and the AC-130 at 13 kills. I’ve not yet earned an AC-130. I am thinking of switching it out for something else. Some games I get the IMS-attack helicopter twice; other games not at all. The IMS is great for camping, since the scavenger perk doesn’t allow the gamer to pick up additional claymores; as a result, I use blind eye instead, but, now that I think of it, since I mostly spend my time indoors, I might not need blind eye as much as I thought, but I digress. I use ninja pro and marksman pro in addition to blind eye. I have not yet earned blind eye pro as it is difficult to destroy 70 turrets when they are infrequently utilized, but I am currently about half-completed. Ninja pro makes the gamer completely invisible to all ground war except for the IMS, claymore, or bouncing betty explosives. Marksman pro gives me the ability to look farther down range and be able to identify my enemies while also enabling me to hold my breath for longer, which is an essential need for any sniper. I have chosen reduced kick for my sniper, and I have coupled that with a silencer to prevent me from appearing on any map or radar, which works well with my ninja abilities. My pistol is equipped with the tactical knife, which is useful for those close encounters where knifing is preferred to shooting.

Well, enough of my rambling. I like Modern Warfare 3. It is fun, but I do think it is not as fun as Modern Warfare 2. In any case, I shall play it. Soon I will finish the campaign. All in due time.

What do you think of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer? Is it better than Modern Warfare 2? Worse? What do you like about it? Dislike?

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