@jgelements on @FOXSoccer “Goals on Sunday”

I responded to Fox Soccer’s Twitter request for who is the best striker currently between Messi, Ronaldo (CR7), and Robin van Persie (RvP). My reply made it onto the show, Goals on Sunday. It was the last of 3 tweets that were featured. And it received a lot of criticism.

I am a Madridista. I favor Ronaldo above the other two. But there is no denying that he fails to produce in big games, such as El Clasico. Messi has won numerous accolades as of late, most notably now the FIFA Club World Cup. Yet, his team recently lost to Jetafe 1-nil, in which he could neither score nor assist in scoring. Up until today against Man City, RvP has been unstoppable: he has scored or assisted scoring in every game for the past 10 games or so. Currently, and the key word here is currently, it seems that RvP is the one who steps up to the plate despite the pressure, and most consistently produces. I’m not denying Messi’s talent or influence; I’m not saying CR7 is not great. I am just merely saying that RvP currently has the better form.

Did we not see that RvP scored today against Man City, but it was called off incorrectly? The assistant referee said he was offside, but on replay it was revealed that his body was in fact onside. He scored. He rose to the occasion. The fact that the referee ruled it out should not detract from his performance. He did well, and he remained consistent.

KTBFFH! ¡Hala Madrid! Forza Inter!