Real Madrid 6-2 Sevilla

Game Comments

First Half

Too bad GolTV isn’t in HD with Comcast. But I digress.

Ronaldo is playing central mid. Sort of.

Ronaldo earning his keep dropping back for Sevilla set pieces.

9:00 Benzema and Di Maria got a couple of chances on goal but still scoreless.

9:30 GOAL! Di Maria feeds Ronaldo who slots it home! 1-nil, Real Madrid.

11:30 Casillas with a legendary save! Sevilla looked like they were about to score, but Casillas lept across the goal mouth completely outstretched and sticks his hand out to push it against the post and away from the goal.

16:30 Casillas again! Astonishing! Sevilla get a good shot off low and farpost, but somehow Casillas gets down and outstretched to deflect the ball out for a corner.

30:00 Pepe yellow. Ensuing set piece caught Real Madrid sleeping, but the cross and shot just couldn’t find the back of the net.

32:30 Ramos yellow.

34:00 Sevilla score as result of offsides. Still 1-nil, Real Madrid.

36:30 Callejon scores! Or is it Di Maria? Well, Callejon distracted Sevilla’s keeper, so Real Madrid are now 2 goals up.

40:00 Ronaldo! Goal! Wow! Center of field, 25 yards out, outside of right foot to upper right corner! Beautiful! 3-nil, Los Blancos.

42:00 Benzema scores but it is ruled off as result of handball.

43:30 Pepe sent off, double yellow to red; protests of Real Madrid on Pepe led to yellow for Arbeloa. Callejon subbed off for Albiol to come on.

Second Half

51:00 Ronaldo with a great run, taken down 25 yards out.

52:30 Lass yellow.

53:30 Casillas punches the Sevilla cross away but gets knocked in the process.

54:30 Sevilla get an open and clean shot off, but Casillas is up to the task.

59:30 Ronaldo again with a run but his shot way, way wide.

62:30 Ronaldo shot is low to near post corner, but easily caught.

65:30 Di Maria goal! He got released by Benzema, I think, and went one-on-one with the keeper, using the outside of his boot and scored far post on the ground.

67:00 Di Maria off; Khedira on.

68:00 Sevilla scores low on the ground farpost under Casillas. 4-1, Los Blancos.

73:00 Straight red to Smanu of Sevilla. Players level, 10 v. 10.

82:30 Lass shot wide and low.

83:30 Ronaldo feeds Benzema into the box, but he is taken down; spot kick awarded.

85:00 Ronaldo takes spot kick. Goal! Low and right, the keeper was all over it, but it still found the back of the net. Ronaldo with a hat trick.

87:00 Ronaldo taken down in the box, but no penalty awarded.

88:00 Altintop scores! 6-1! Courtesy of Ronaldo’s setup.

90:00 Casillas beat, Sevilla scores second of match. 6-2, Los Blancos.


Well, this game was a thrashing, and it didn’t matter that Pepe got sent off. Once both teams were reduced to 10, we really took off with the scoring. Ronaldo scored a hat trick. Di Maria scored and had a positive influence throughout. All around good game.


  • Alonso: 2
  • Altintop: 1
  • Benzema: 13
  • Callejon: 7
  • Di Maria: 5
  • Higuain: 14
  • Kaká: 4
  • Khedira: 1
  • Marcelo: 2
  • Özil: 3
  • Pepe: 1
  • Ramos: 2
  • Ronaldo: 25
  • Varane: 1
  • Goals for: 81
  • Goals against: 22