Psalm 119:113-120

All of these verses begin with samek (ס).

I have hated the disunited
But I have loved your law.

You are my refuge and my shield
I have waited for your word.

Turn away from me, evildoers,
So that I may keep the commandments of my God.

Sustain me according to your word, so that I may live
And do not let me be put to shame in my hope.

Sustain me, so that I may receive help,
So that I may gaze on your statutes continually.

You reject all who stray from your statutes
For a breach of faith is their deceit.

Dross you have removed, all of the wicked ones of the earth
Therefore, I have loved your decrees.

My flesh has goosebumps from trembling
And I am afraid of your judgments.