Chelsea 2-1 Manchester City

Game Comments

First Half

Lampard starts on bench; Mireles on the pitch.

Romeu and not Mikel at holding midfield to start.

Centerbacks are Ivanovich and Terry.

Drogba still starts; Torres on the bench.

1:30 Balotelli scores.

4:00 Mireles strikes it wide.

6:30 Bosingwa prevents Aguero from breaking away one on one with Cech.

10:00 Chelsea picking up pace. But . . .

10:30 City nearly counter but Aguero’s strike is wide.

14:00 Silva should have had a penalty but referee didn’t give it.

16:30 Drogba crosses into the box, Sturridge heads it down and towards Mata, but City intercepts.

18:30 Ivanovich shuts down Milner on the sideline of our offensive third.

19:30 Yaya Toure “taps” Mata while he is down. Should have been penalized?

21:30 City keeping pressure up offensively.

23:00 Bosingwa foolishly gives the ball away at the edge of our defensive third but City could not capitalize.

24:00 Drogba creative but ball was always going wide.

27:30 Drogba got good positioning but strike misfired and wide. Hurts his left leg as a result.

29:00 Silva gets Mireles’ studs into the side of his ankle as a result of a high challenge.

32:30 Drogba fed Ramires but Ramires could not return the favor from the side.

33:30 GOAL! Meireles finishes Sturridge’s cross with a one time volley from the spot.

35:00 Meireles went studs up while tackling Zaboletta. Only saw yellow card.

40:00 Drogba taken down 25 yeards out. Kompany receives yellow card.

46:00 Aguero got a header off but wide and Cech was all over it.

Second Half

45:30 Ramires with a good run down the middle but stopped by Kompany.

46:00 Klichy yellow for foul on Sturridge.

46:30 Mata free kick to Sturridge; ensuing shot over the crossbar.

48:30 Sturridge gets in the box and crosses, but City knocks it out.

51:30 Ivanovich shuts down Balotelli in our own left corner.

52:00 Mata megs Kompany and then Kompany takes him down. No card.

54:00 Ramires gets blocked, wind knocked out. No free kick awarded.

57:00 Klichy takes out a racing Ramires. Second yellow now red. City down to 10 men. Free kick for Chelsea 20 yards out.

58:00 Drogba’s resulting free kick goes sky high.

61:00 Blues earn corner, but nothing comes of it.

61:30 Aguero takes out Romeu. No card.

62:30 Romeu takes out Balotelli, earns yellow.

63:30 Aguero off, K. Toure on.

65:00 Silva takes out Mata. Mireles free kick straight out past the goal.

66:30 Bosingwa crosses but Drogba could only skim it with his head.

68:00 Blues really taking it to City now.

70:00 Multiple Chelsea crosses ensue but no one is picked out and City clears them easily.

72:30 Sturridge took a shot low and wide after slipping.

72:30 Lampard on for Meireles.

73:30 Mata crosses, stays in play, no one in box, Bosingwa collects and crosses to an empty box.

74:00 Ramires commits foul, earns yellow.

74:30 Silva off, De Jong on.

77:30 Drogba slide tackles, earns yellow.

79:30 Ramires to Drogba to Ramires who pokes it to Hart.

81:00 Lescott hand ball in the box. Lampard takes spot kick, converts! GOAL! 2-1, Chelsea!

83:00 Malouda on for Mata.

84:30 Lescott off, Dzeko on.

85:30 Bosingwa fouls Balotelli in our right defensive corner. Ensuing free kick unproductive.

87:00 City are pressing with great intensity offensively.

87:30 Mikel on for Sturridge.

88:30 Mikel fouled.

89:00 Drogba fouled.

89:30 Linesman ruled goal kick; referee overrules for corner, rightfully so.

90:00 Yaya Toure fouls Ramires.

91:00 Chelsea keeping the ball in the offensive third.

92:00 Drogba takes on two City defenders and cheakily gets by both and releases a rocket from the sideline that would have beaten Hart but it was too high.

94:00 Balotelli fouls. Free kick ends game.


The first half started abismally. Aguero fed Balotelli right between Ivanovich and Bosingwa. David Luiz is sorely missed. We looked a bit like a deer in the headlights for the first twenty minutes. However, City did not capitalize much, and we were able to recover. When we equalized later, we were able to defend comprehensively, and we finished the half 1-1.

Second half was charged with Chelsea’s unproductive offense, which ultimately led to Klichy’s red card and then the PK conversion from Lampard. We won the three points. Would have like to see a better attack, especially since we were a man up, but we earned three points nonetheless, and even after going down a goal in the first minute and a half.


  • Anelka: 1
  • Bosingwa: 1
  • David Luiz: 1
  • Drogba: 5
  • Ivanovich: 1
  • Kalou: 3
  • Lampard: 8
  • Malouda: 1
  • Mata: 4
  • Meireles: 2
  • Sturridge: 8
  • Ramires: 5
  • Terry: 4
  • Torres: 4
  • Goals for: 47
  • Goals against: 25