Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

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El Clasico reigns supreme and does not disappoint!

With a bit of fortune, Real Madrid scored early on with a strike from Benzema during the 1st minute of the match.

Casillas was called upon several times as well at the start of the match, but he proved up to the task.

Di Maria slipped and hurt himself at about the 13th minute; the slip was a result of a wet surface. He was escorted off, and Los Blancos began to play a man down at least temporarily.

It seems that the referee is calling in favor of Barcelona and to the demise of Real Madrid. Di Maria, before he slipped and hurt himself, was seemingly fouled in the offensive third, but it was not called; two passes later, Messi was fouled in a similar manner, and it was called. Later, Sanchez hand balled to control it out of the air, but it was not called. Los Blancos will have to endure this persecution to try and hold on to the win.

Ronaldo had a prime opportunity to make it 2-nil but knocked it far wide at about the 25th minute.

Lass struck it hard and high from about 25 yards out around the 29th minute.

Messi fed Sanchez to equalize at 29:30.

The rest of the first half lost steam from both sides as far as attacking is concerned, though it was not void of drama and fouls. Even Messi got a yellow and nearly a second.

At the start of the second half, Barcelona is still looking out of rhythm. Real Madrid earned several free kicks in the offensive third but nothing came of them.

Xavi scored in the 52nd minute as it took a fortuitous deflection off of Marcelo in the opposite direction that Casillas went to defend. Barca 2-1.

Now Barcelona is pressing hard. But Real Madrid is on the prowl.

Kaka is coming on for Ozil in the 58th minute.

Ronaldo heads it wide when he was wide open and uncontested at the 65th minute.

Fabregas heads it home, giving Barcelona 3 goals to Real Madrid’s 1 at the 65th minute.

Higuain on for Di Maria in the 67th minute.

Barcelona have seemingly found their rhythm and taken any sort of sting out of Real Madrid’s attack.

Benzema has a shot/cross but it was wide of the goal and the offside Higuain could not get a foot on it anyway (75:00).

Kaka struck it well in the 84th minute, but Alves kept it out somehow.

Barcelona very nearly scored a fourth goal in the 85th minute, but after the ball pinballed about Casillas and the Los Blancos defense a little, Casillas caught the ball.

Real Madrid seemingly can’t get out of their defensive third now (88:00).

Ronaldo earned a free quick in the 93rd minute on the edge of the box. The ensuring free kick was not helpful, and Barcelona finish 3-1 over Real Madrid.

As a result, Real Madrid remain atop the La Liga table, but Barcelona gets the best of them away the the Bernabeu. Mourinho’s record winning streak comes to an end; his inability to beat Barca continues.

I think the games’ commentators are right: Mourinho went for an open style of attacking and entertaining football instead of a defensive and conservative style. As a result, Barcelona used their full midfield and possession style of football to wear them down and beat them. The El Clasico at the Neu Camp will surely have a different style. I hate losing to Barca, and I don’t care if our style is entertaining or boring so long as we win.


  • Alonso: 2
  • Benzema: 13
  • Callejon: 5
  • Di Maria: 4
  • Higuain: 14
  • Kaká: 4
  • Khedira: 1
  • Marcelo: 2
  • Özil: 3
  • Pepe: 1
  • Ramos: 2
  • Ronaldo: 21
  • Varane: 1
  • Goals for: 73
  • Goals against: 20

Inter Milan 2-0 Fiorentina

Inter v. Fiorentina – LiveSoccer TV


First Half

3:00 Coutinho set up Pazzini at the edge of the box but the keeper was up to the challenge.

4:30 Nagatomo strikes it wide and high.

5:00 Milito shoots; deflects for corner.

5:30 Nagatomo draws foul at edge of offensive third.

7:00 Pazzini draws foul at edge of our defensive third.

8:30 Inter awarded free kick at center field.

9:00 Nagatomo crosses but Pazzini could not connect.

11:30 Offsides, Milito.

12:30 Nagatomo strikes wide again.

13:30 Thiago Motta commits foul edge of offensive third.

14:00 Pazzini fouled inside offensive third.

16:00 Pazzini got the ball at the corner of the box and then Fiorentina defense stripped him of the ball.

17:30 Pazzini heads cross wide.

19:00 Faraoni fouled at edge of offensive third. Ensuing free kick sees Lucio head the ball over the cross bar.

20:00 Nagatoma challenges hard in the air, penalized for foul.

21:30 Faraoni commits foul towards offensive center of field.

22:00 Coutinho gets to the box, goes down easily.

24:00 Pazzini gets into box but lacks control, easily stopped.

29:00 Fiorentina shoots high from 50 yards out.

30:00 Pazzini gets into box, steps over once, twice, cuts, shoots; deflected away.

30:30 Coutinho gets into the box, strikes it well to far post, but keeper knocks it away.

32:30 Nagatoma in the box passes to Cambiasso at the top of the box; he chips it central and it is knocked away.

34:00 Nagatomo, Milito, Cambiasso combine to get close but could not find the finishing touch.

34:30 Faraoni picks up trash from keepers punch from Inter’s corner, but he strikes it wide.

36:30 Nagatomo, hand ball.

37:00 Maicon, yellow card for slide tackling late and under a Fiorentina threat.

38:00 Ensuing free kick partially cleared out, but Fiorentina strikes it; wide strike, not threatening.

41:00 GOAL! Pazzini gives a light touch past the keeper and into the back of the net! Inter 1-nil.

Second Half

46:00 Maicon crosses to Milito who could not even attempt a strike.

47:00 Faraoni shoots; blocked by defender.

48:00 GOAL! Pazzini to Nagatomo who was fortunate enough as Fiorentina’s clearance ricocheted off of the Nerazzurri fullback and into the goal. Inter 2-nil.

49:00 Milito earns free kick in offensive center, but, seemingly injured, steps off field after delay to game.

50:00 Nagatomo earns free kick after taking a palm to the face.

55:00 Fiorentina gets into the box behind Inter’s defensive line, but Lucio pokes it out before a strike on goal could be attempted.

55:30 Fiorentina scores but referee rules it out for infringement.

I could not watch the rest of the game at this point.


Inter was very dominant in the first half. Despite pressing hard and limiting Fiorentina’s chances on goal, the Nerazzurri only scored once. While I could not watch the entire game, the second half picked up with Inter very dominant, but it did seem that Fiorentina was beginning to pick up momentum. Ultimately, the game finished 2-nil to Inter.

This result is a positive one. Up and up!


  • Alvarez: 1
  • Cambiasso: 3
  • Castaignos: 1
  • Coutinho: 1
  • Forlan: 1
  • Lucio: 2
  • Maicon: 1
  • Milito: 4
  • Motta: 2
  • Nagatomo: 1
  • Pazzini: 4
  • Samuel: 1
  • Sneijder: 2
  • Zarate: 1
  • Goals for: 25
  • Goals Against: 27