Mean Girls 2

Mean Girls was a geniusly funny movie. Mean Girls 2, not so much. It wasn’t funny. It was predictable. There is a reason why this movie wasn’t in theaters. Lame. Can I please have two hours of my life back?



Finally saw the Watchmen. First time I tried watching it at the drive-in theaters, the film burned up half way through. It was on TNT recently, so I recorded it and watched across a couple of discontinuous nights.

My favorite character is Rorschach. Best line out of the whole movie comes while he is in prison, he just finished defending himself from some inmates, and the guards begin to overtake him. He says something like this: “You just don’t get it, do you? I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me!”

I felt the movie was bleak and depressing. I don’t know what people saw in the movie. Knowing nothing of the DC graphic novel, I just didn’t feel connected with the story. I’m not a fan of the 300-style of cinematography, but some fights were cool.

I’m glad I watched it, but it isn’t a movie to which I will return. Give me Christian Bale as Batman instead.

Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

Chelsea vs Liverpool Live Streaming and TV Listings, Live Scores, News, Videos :: November 20, 2011 :: England Premier League :: Live Soccer TV.

I must come out and say it: AVB’s tactics have not held up. The Blues are suffering. We have the worst behavioral record–3 red and over 30 yellow cards–showing that we are lacking in fitness. We have lacked ferocity in front of our opponent’s goal and composure in our own. We had not a few yellow cards today, we failed to capitalize on our goal scoring opportunities, and we gave up in our defensive third. The problems are piling up. AVB chose to start Drogba, who has neither been in form nor playing. Why not choose Torres who, yes, he has not been in form, but he has been playing. At least Torres could build momentum in the game. I have said it before, and I will say it again, Drogba is going to be a good game-changing substitute. We saw it against Manchester United in the Champions League last season, and we will continue to see it if he is subbed on. I question AVB’s decision here. However, he made the correct decision at half-time. Sturridge needed to come on, and Mikel came off. We scored early on as a result. I would not have waited as long to bring Torres on, because he is a momentum driven player, and he had insufficient time to build momentum by the time he was subbed on for Drogba. I wouldn’t have taken Ramires off. He was fine. Mireles didn’t bring anything Ramires wasn’t already doing. Tactically, we just didn’t make the right decisions. AVB, please take note. Offensively, we had multiple opportunities, and we only put one of them away. We need to be tenacious in the offensive third! Defensively, we were horrendous. Cole gave up the winning goal, because he dived in. Again, another sign of being tired. He should have stood him up and held his ground. No, he overcommitted, dived in, and he got nutmegged in the process, shamefully so, and the very person who embarrassed him capitalized on the situation, found the back of the net, thus earning three points for Liverpool. Such erroneous ways are not proper for a premier defender such as Cole.

Given our deficient tactics, poor offense, and heinous defense, some real changes need to happen. David Luiz needs to be put on a leash. Terry needs to maintain a deeper line, or he needs to be benched in favor of a quicker central defender who can fasten a high line. Defensively, we need to stand up and not dive in. Offensively, we need a few goal scorers to take charge, exhibit the necessary striker mentality, and put goals away. Will that be Torres? Might Drogba fulfill that role? Not likely it will be either one. Lampard is our current top scorer, but he isn’t a forward. Our future is bleak.

Sturridge scored. He is our future, and he needs to play all the more. Drogba was our past; he needs to sub on. Torres is partly our future, and he should be playing with Sturridge and subbed off to make way for Drogba.

I have no answers for our defense. We need to start selling and buying come January. David Luiz is very much our future, but he is a liability on the field. Who can tame him?

Our midfield is getting older. Ramires is the way of the future. Again, sell and buy come January.

It’s time for renaissance.


  • Anelka: 1
  • Bosingwa: 1
  • David Luiz: 1
  • Drogba: 1
  • Ivanovich: 1
  • Kalou: 2
  • Lampard: 7
  • Malouda: 1
  • Mata: 3
  • Meireles: 1
  • Sturridge: 6
  • Ramires: 4
  • Terry: 3
  • Torres: 4
  • Goals for: 35
  • Goals against: 20