First Impressions of MW3

I was fortunate enough to obtain Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) yesterday on its release date. I was able to play it last night with my buddy, Erik. Based on the 1.5 hours of game play, MW3 feels like, in Erik’s description, which I think is aptly put, one part Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and one part Black Ops. I don’t like Black Ops, so I am not necessarily happy about this blend. Based on cursory play, I am frustrated with it. Maybe that’s because I can’t do snipers or hardcore at this time, which is my favorite weapon and game type. It is going to take getting used to as some of the physics have changed from MW2, but I can say I am happy with it as it is new and carries on the style from MW2. I could not stand the weapons set from Black Ops, and I have a better appreciation for the weapons in MW2. I especially like the concept of weapons customization independent of perks. So far, per Erik’s suggestion, I have used the team-centered support package instead of killstreaks, because, I admit, I am terrible in Team Deathmatch, and I don’t get but a handful of kills and at least a score of deaths. It is nice being able to help the team with a support package, since the kill count doesn’t reset upon death.

What about you? Have you obtained or played MW3? How do you like it?

One thought on “First Impressions of MW3

  1. I dont like the way Black Ops looks either. MW3 looks alot likt MW2. I like how it seems as if the maps are joined together. I will list them later.

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