Unto the Locust by Machine Head

iTunes – Music – Unto the Locust (Special Edition) by Machine Head.

I’m not a huge Machine Head fan. I have one other album, The Blackening, and I can’t listen to it all the way through. It is of a type of metal that I don’t favor. But Unto the Locust, their latest album, received great reviews, so I thought I would give it a chance. I have found that this album is quite good.

Only one of this album’s songs has any popularity on iTunes–Locust. Here are some noteworthy songs from my point of view:

  • I Am Hell
  • Be Still and Know
  • Locust
  • This Is the End

My favorite song is This Is the End. What’s yours?

3 thoughts on “Unto the Locust by Machine Head

  1. Same as you, This Is The End. I recommend giving Through The Ashes of Empires a try, it’s easily one of Machine Head’s better albums.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Is Through the Ashes of Empires more of the melodic metal of contemporaries such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, et al? Or is it more like the metal of Slayer, Metallica, et al?

  3. You’re welcome, and I would say it leans more towards the melodic side, yeah. Catchy riffs, fast drumming, passionate vocals, I think the comparison to As I Lay Dying is a good one.

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