Threat Signal by Threat Signal

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Like it or hate it, Threat Signal has released a self-titled album, their junior album, and it is good. Their sound has changed slightly from album to album, and, yet, there is a certain continuity about the music. Rip-roaring percussion rhythms abound in this heavy metal album. The rhythms are complex, as is usual for Threat Signal, and the guitars are heavy and driven. The throaty melodies of the lead singer are familiar, distinct, and bear the uniqueness that differentiates this band from other melodic metal units. This album is good, as I said before, and it offers some solid music to listen to.

Some songs of particular noteworthiness:

  • Trust in None
  • Fallen Disciples
  • Disposition
  • Death Before Dishonor

I really like Disposition. Definitely my favorite. Which one is yours?