Text and Story: Narrative Studies in NT Textual Criticism



Wipf and Stock Publishers.

My friend, professor, and colleague, Peter R. Rodgers, has published a book featuring 10 chapters on the use of narrative criticism for textual criticism. It is called Text and Story. I had the privilege to edit the book for Rodgers and format it throughout, plus I created the indices for him. It’s currently $13.60 straight from the publishers. It is available at Amazon currently for $17.00 new.

The book is particularly beneficial for understanding how the substructure of the New Testament, namely the Old Testament, impacts how we determine what the original text might possibly be in specific instances. Rodgers offers several examples–one per chapter; many of these examples have been published in articles or chapters previously, being reproduced and edited slightly, forming a cogent and cohesive book with a nice introduction and conclusion that binds it all together. It is a mere 106 pages in length, although its content is not trivial. Anyone interested in the NT, OT, biblical studies, narrative criticism, or textual criticism should buy this book!