Real Madrid 3-0 Ajax

Real Madrid vs Ajax Live Streaming and TV Listings, Live Scores, News, Videos :: September 27, 2011 :: UEFA Champions League :: Live Soccer TV.

Well, this game was a bit mixed. Ajax controlled the ball more than Los Blancos. However, we won 3-nil. Two of the goals were quality “team goals,” as there was good movement and passing that built up to the goal by several members of the team. The first goal was the prime example of a team goal. Ronaldo finished it, but the build up was at least 7 passes with at least 5 players. It was an amazing goal. Ronaldo scored first, Kaka second, and Benzema last. What’s more is Iker Casillas earned a clean sheet. Despite possession, we dominated the game. ¡Hala Madrid!


  • Alonso: 2
  • Benzema: 5
  • Di Maria: 1
  • Higuain: 1
  • Kaká: 2
  • Marcelo: 1
  • Özil: 1
  • Pipita: 1
  • Ronaldo: 9
  • Varane: 1
  • Goals for: 24
  • Goals against: 10