Chelsea 1-3 Manchester United

See Chelsea’s page for more stats.

We lost this game 1-3. While the loss is the bottom line, this game was far from boring. Clearly the win was obtainable. In many respects, we should have won. Simply put, this game was intriguing because it was so queer. Rooney missed a penalty. Berbatov was denied a goal by Cole. Ramires had De Gea beat twice and neither time could he find the back of the net. Torres had an empty net and from about 10 yards out still managed to knock it wide of the goal. We had plenty of chances and several were as-good-as-done, yet, we could not knock the net. Manchester United’s first goal was a result of offsides that was not seen by the sideline referee. Nani scored a rocket. Rooney picked up some trash. Torres finally scored due to the game changing impact of Anelka’s thread. Yes, it was a good game to watch as it was entertaining, but it was frustrating for Blues fans, since we just couldn’t capitalize on our opportunities.

As for the substitute choices, I would have liked to see Malouda on for Lampard rather than Anelka, but it ended up well as Anelka did thread Torres for his first goal of the season. Kulaku had very little impact on the game; Sturridge should have been replaced by Malouda. It would have been nice to see David Luiz in for Ivanovich, but it didn’t happen.

Walking away from this game, there is hope. We know we can beat Manchester United. They are not insurmountable. Also, Torres finally scored. It was a well-taken goal. While he played well in the midweek Champions League match, he played even better after scoring this goal in today’s game. He was even more peppy and lively. It is a shame that he would miss the open goal, but everything he did leading up to that failed strike was wonderful. I believe he has “rebooted” and is now on the up and up.

Hopefully Drogba will have “rebooted” post his Norwich knockout, so that, between Mata, Torres, Anelka, Sturridge, Kulaku, and Drogba, our front line will be a force to be reckoned with moving forward in all competitions.


  • Anelka: 1
  • Bosingwa: 1
  • David Luiz: 1
  • Lampard: 1
  • Malouda: 1
  • Mata: 2
  • Sturridge: 1
  • Terry: 1
  • Torres: 1
  • Goals for: 10
  • Goals against: 6