Theology of Prayer: Scriptural Support (Part 10: Pss 107-150)

The rest of Psalms, chapters 107-150, are the fifth and final book of the psalter.

Psalm 107 picks up where Book Four left off by utilizing declarative prayer of thanksgiving.

However, Ps 108 makes a request for victory over his enemies in battle. Psalm 109 asks for deliverance from enemies. The psalmist goes a step further and seeks not only to be saved but also for his enemies to be shamed and dishonored. Here we see that the psalmist was fasting, which was connected to the psalmist’s affliction and appeal for divine aid through prayer.

Psalm 110 is declarative and tied to the Davidic covenant.

Psalm 111 is declarative, seeking to praise God, as do Pss 112 and 113.

Psalm 114 is declarative, ruminating on Israel’s exodus.

Psalm 115 is declarative in an inquisitory and rhetorical fashion. The Lord is declared to be in the heavens and he does as he pleases, whereas idols cannot act. Unlike the idols, God blesses those who follow him, that is the house of Israel and those who fear him. The psalmist prays for prosperity for such people. In the end, the psalmist seeks praise for God.

Psalm 116 is a declarative and thanksgiving prayer. The psalmist declares that he loves the Lord, because the Lord has answered his prayers. He asked for healing when death was close, and he received it. He makes vows to the Lord as a result. In the end, the psalmist seeks praise for God.

Psalm 117, a most brief psalm, calls the nations of the world to praise the Lord, because his love is great and his faithfulness endures forever. In the end, the psalmist seeks praise for God.

Psalm 118 recounts victory in battle and gives thanks. The psalmist declares that God is his God and he will give thanks to him.

Psalm 119, hot on the heels of Ps 117, the shortest psalm of the psalter, spends eight verses for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet in an acrostic poem and meditates on God’s torah–his law, his teaching, his way. It follows in the vein of Ps 1. It begins, “Happy are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord.” It is a declarative and contemplative prayer. Yet, it makes several requests, such as, “Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes, and I will observe it to the end. Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.” Sometimes prayer is short. Other times prayer is long!

Psalm 120 requests deliverance from affliction. Psalm 121 declares trust in the Lord as helper. Psalm 122 is makes declaration as well as request, seeking peace for the city of Jerusalem.

Psalm 123 asks for deliverance from the proud.

Psalm 124 thanks the Lord for deliverance for the people.

Psalm 125 declares trust in the Lord and requests for the Lord to do good to them unlike evildoers.

Psalm 126 first declares that the Lord did great things for them and then asks the Lord to restore blessing upon them.

Psalm 127 declares of the blessings of children.

Psalm 128 declares of the blessings of families who fear the Lord. The psalmist seeks blessing on such families.

Psalm 129 declares the righteousness of the Lord and requests the downfall of one’s enemies.

Psalm 130 is a penitential psalm. In it the psalmist asks God to hear him. He inquires, “If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities, Lord, who could stand?” He declares that God provides forgiveness and he waits for the Lord. He calls the nation of Israel to hope in the Lord, who has love and redemption from iniquity.

In Ps 131, the psalmist expresses his lowly position and calls the nation of Israel to hope in the Lord.

The David covenant comes to the foreground in Ps 132, for the psalmist recalls it to mind in this declarative prayer.

Psalm 133 declares the value of unity.

Psalm 134 calls the servants of God to bless the Lord and asks God to bless them.

Psalms 135-136 are praise and thanksgiving psalms.

One of the lowest points of the psalter is Ps 137. The psalmist expresses his lowly position and seeks retribution from God for the people, even taking hope in the genocide of Babylon’s children because of the destruction the Babylonian’s brought upon the people.

Psalm 138 turns back to thanksgiving.

Psalm 139 meditates on God’s wonderful knowledge and asks for deliverance from enemies. Psalms 140-143 also request deliverance from enemies.

Psalm 144 blesses the Lord who helps prepare the people for war and asks God for his blessing in battle.

Psalm 145 praises God for his wonderful deeds, for his grace and mercy. It declares God to be a faithful and just king.

Psalm 146 begins a high note of praise that will carry out through the rest of the book. It praises God as creator and savior, and Ps 147 follows this theme.

Psalm 148 calls the heavens and the earth to praise God.

Psalm 149 calls the nation to praise the Lord.

Psalm 150 calls the people to praise God in his temple and with instruments.


Theology of Prayer: Scriptural Support (Part 9: Pss 90-106)

Psalms 90-106 constitute Book Four of the Psalter.

Psalm 90 is a declarative prayer of Moses that makes a request of God to chose compassion. It seeks in the end for the favor of the Lord, for prosperity that comes from God.

Psalm 91 heralds God as refuge, fortress, deliverer, and healer. It makes a declarative promise: God will command his angels to guard those who take refuge in him. And words of deliverance are placed on the Lord’s lips, “Those who love me, I will deliver; I will protect those who know my name.” Psalm 91 follows in the footsteps of Ps 90.

Psalm 92 is a thanksgiving psalm for the deliverance of enemies. Psalm 93 is yet another declarative psalm, this one describing the Lord’s majesty on his throne.

On the heals of declaration, Ps 94 makes an appeal to God for deliverance, for vengeance. It makes declarations, such as, “For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage,” but it starts with a call to come forth and deliver justice upon the wicked.

In comes Ps 95, which is a declarative psalm about God’s reign, along with Ps 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, and 101. Then comes Ps 102, a prayer of an afflicted soul who cries out to the Lord, asking him to hear his plea. The prayer ponders the affliction, and the psalmist declares the splendor of God upon his throne. The psalmist turns his focus to the nation, and he ultimately declares that God’s children have security.

Psalm 103 returns to declarative prayer, calling blessing upon the Lord for his mercy and grace. Likewise, Ps 104 is declarative. Psalm 105 seeks thanksgiving to the Lord and is also declarative. Book Four ends with Ps 106, which is primarily declarative, seeking praise to God, but in the end it asks for a saving act of God.

Inter Milan 3-2 CSKA Moscow

Inter v CSKA Moscow: Live Soccer TV

We won! Good turn around from the previous game we played. Lucio scored an early goal from a corner kick at about the 5 minute mark. Later, Nagatomo got the meg and the laser cross to Pazzini, who put the ball into the back of the net at about the 20th minute. Just at the end of the first half CSKA would place a free kick through the wall and down the throat of Cesar’s goal. Well into the second half, CSKA scored the equalizer at about the 77th min, catching both Lucio and Zanetti asleep. In the following minute, Zarate answered and gave Inter the lead. The game ended in our favor, 3-2. Well done, Nerazzurri!


  • Cambiasso: 1
  • Forlan: 1
  • Lucio: 2
  • Milito: 3
  • Pazzini: 2
  • Sneijder: 1
  • Zarate: 1
  • Goals for: 11
  • Goals Against: 13

Real Madrid 11/12 Champions League Jacket –

Real Madrid 11/12 Champions League Jacket –

I don’t know for sure, but this jacket, which is found in a picture on the Fashion page of Real Madrid’s store website, may be what World Soccer Shop says is coming soon. I hope so. I love it. And I have found no other reference to it on Real Madrid’s website, not even a “coming soon” store item, which is odd.

[edit 8:06AM PT, Oct 19, 2011] The jacket I was hoping for is not the one linked to. Instead, it is some sort of heavy weather jacket.

The desired jacket is not at Eurosport or World Soccer Shop. Real Madrid’s official store still shows it on the main Fashion page in a graphic, but it is not in the store. I have not found it on eBay or Amazon either. Harrowing.

Chelsea 1-1 Valencia

Valencia vs Chelsea Live Streaming and TV Listings, Live Scores, News, Videos :: September 28, 2011 :: UEFA Champions League :: Live Soccer TV.

Well, we walked away with a point. A point. We should have had 3 points. Lampard found the back of the net in the second half. Great. What about Ramires? He went one on one with the keeper and kicked it straight to him. Should have been a goal. What about Anelka? He also went one on one with the keeper and too kicked it straight to him. Another should-have-been goal. Torres very nearly went one on one with the keeper, but he couldn’t get passed the last defender. I would say that should have been a prime opportunity, but it is not as severe as Ramires and Anelka. And what shall we say of Kalou? Terrible. Hand ball in the penalty box, yielding Valencia’s goal. Preposterous. His form was bad altogether. Runs were inefficient. Touch insufficient. I would have to say that he lacks the drive to play, and he is therefore in need of transferring come January. Cech did well and would have kept a clean sheet if it weren’t for Kalou. Preposterous.


  • Anelka: 1
  • Bosingwa: 1
  • David Luiz: 1
  • Drogba: 1
  • Lampard: 2
  • Malouda: 1
  • Mata: 2
  • Sturridge: 1
  • Ramires: 2
  • Terry: 1
  • Torres: 2
  • Goals for: 15
  • Goals against: 8

Real Madrid 3-0 Ajax

Real Madrid vs Ajax Live Streaming and TV Listings, Live Scores, News, Videos :: September 27, 2011 :: UEFA Champions League :: Live Soccer TV.

Well, this game was a bit mixed. Ajax controlled the ball more than Los Blancos. However, we won 3-nil. Two of the goals were quality “team goals,” as there was good movement and passing that built up to the goal by several members of the team. The first goal was the prime example of a team goal. Ronaldo finished it, but the build up was at least 7 passes with at least 5 players. It was an amazing goal. Ronaldo scored first, Kaka second, and Benzema last. What’s more is Iker Casillas earned a clean sheet. Despite possession, we dominated the game. ¡Hala Madrid!


  • Alonso: 2
  • Benzema: 5
  • Di Maria: 1
  • Higuain: 1
  • Kaká: 2
  • Marcelo: 1
  • Özil: 1
  • Pipita: 1
  • Ronaldo: 9
  • Varane: 1
  • Goals for: 24
  • Goals against: 10

Psalm 119:73-80

These verses all begin with the Hebrew letter yod (י).

Your hands made me and established me
give me understanding in order that I may learn your commandments.

Let those who fear you see me and rejoice,
because I have waited on your word.

I have known, Lord, that your judgments are righteous
and in faithfulness you have humiliated me.

Let your lovingkindness be a comfort to me
in accordance with your word to your servant.

May your mercies come to me so that I may live
for your law is my delight.

Let the proud be ashamed for they subvert me with lies
I myself will meditate on your precepts.

Let those who fear you return to me
and they will know your decrees.

Let my heart be blameless in your statutes
in order that I will not be ashamed.