Zarate Joins Inter

Inter’s Twitter revealed to me the signing if one Zarate, a wide forward.

I know nothing of this Zarate. I recall not his name from the 2010 World Cup, and I did not see from whence he came, although I did not look with intent. Apparently he is to complement Forlan with the new system of play. We shall see when the season starts soon!


Meireles Now a Chelsea Midfielder

If you have been following Chelsea Offside, you know that Raul Meireles, who beat us earlier in this calendar year in our match against Liverpool, has joined the Blues in a last minute signing before the transfer window closed.

Check out Chelsea’s official statement about this transfer.

I don’t know if this transfer was to our advantage. What’s the difference between Meireles and Mikel? Well, the difference was he scored a game winning goal against us last season, whereas Mikel doesn’t score.